WATCH: Brazilian Interviewer Sabrina Sato Offers Justin Timberlake Her Butt in a Box

Sabrina Sato is not exactly Brazil's answer to Barbara Walters, but she does know how to nab a memorable interview. The former reality show contestant recently engaged superstar Justin Timberlake in a brief conversation about his new flick Runner Runner, forcing the former 'N Sync star to respond to questions like "You sing and dance like a black American. Do you want to learn to samba like a black Brazilian?"

The interview reaches its climax in the last two minutes, when Sato sweetly offers an autographed plastic mold of her own butt as a parting gift. Bless that woman.

This is not the first time Sato has spun her lack of language skills into instant hilarity. Timberlake handled his encounter with Sato about a million times better than Justin Bieber did several years ago, but who's surprised?

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