Justin Timberlake's Movies Ranked From Best to Worst, According to Rotten Tomatoes

'Runner Runner' Premieres in Las Vegas — Part 2
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In a widely quoted piece for Variety published Monday, film editor Ramin Setoodeh pleaded with Justin Timberlake to back away from the big screen. The piece, prompted by Timberlake's most recent flop Runner Runner, made the case that the former Mouseketeer is far too talented musically to waste his time on cinematic mediocrity.

Setoodeh may have a point, but he wasn't entirely fair with his assessment of Timberlake's acting career — it hasn't been all bad. It's just been... mostly unmemorable. According to Rotten Tomatoes, only 4 of the 14 films in which Timberlake has held a major role have scored "fresh" ratings with national critics, but most bad reviews focus on problems with his material, not his performance.

Here's the rundown of Timberlake's best and worst, in straight order. Note that Runner Runner is only the second worst film of his career.

1. The Social Network - 96%
Choice review quote: "Timberlake is phenomenal, a revelation, even. You expect him to nail Sean's charming hustle, and he does, working a restaurant meeting with Mark and Eduardo like a twentysomething Dr. Evil." - Rolling Stone

2. Inside Llewyn Davis - 92%
Choice review quote: "[Carey] Mulligan has relatively little screen time but makes the most of every minute, as does Justin Timberlake as her oblivious nice-guy husband (and singing partner), Jim." - Variety

3. Friends With Benefits - 70%
Choice review quote: "Both Timberlake, with "Social Network" most recently under his belt, and Kunis, coming off her "Black Swan" star turn, are proving to be very appealing actors, with a lot of talent to boot. Neither of them take themselves too seriously here, an irreverence that keeps their characters likeable even when the film falters." - LA Times

4. Black Snake Moan - 66%
Choice review quote: "I was surprised by Timberlake’s amateur-hour performance because of how well he did in Alpha Dog, which also came out in 2006. Perhaps it’s because he’s so used to conveying confidence that I didn’t buy him as a nervous, deep-South kid with war jitters. Even the way he vomited in the toilet before walking out the door rang false; he made jazz hands while gripping the bowl." - Cinelogue

5. Alpha Dog - 55%
Choice review quote: "Adorned in tattoos, Mr. Timberlake holds the screen effortlessly, delivering a gestural performance that, whether he’s loping across a room or executing a goofy little dance for his buddies, legs rapidly slicing back and forth, reveals as much about Frankie — his need to please, his need to perform — as his lines." - NY Times

6. Bad Teacher - 44%
Choice review quote: "The role of Scott, a sexless, bow-tie-wearing nudnik, cannily exploits Justin Timberlake's inherent creepiness; a scene where he serenades his new girlfriend at a bar even allows him to sing (though the song, which Timberlake co-wrote, needed lyrics that were 20 percent funnier and sharper)." - Slate

7. Shrek the Third - 40%
Choice review quote: "While Puss in Boots stole the show last round, Justin Timberlake as Arthur is pretty boring." - ComingSoon.net

8. Southland Tales - 37%
Choice review quote: "...[A] complicated mess which an overbearing narrator played by Justin Timberlake tells us will lead to the end of the world. If only it had led to an early end for the movie." - Cinema Blend

9. In Time - 36%
Choice review quote: "Justin Timberlake continues to demonstrate that he is a real actor, with screen presence. But after the precise timing and intelligence he brought to "The Social Network," it's a little disappointing to find him in a role that requires less. He has a future in the movies." - Roger Ebert

10. The Open Road - 29%
Choice review quote: "Timberlake deserves kudos for not overplaying the part, but under writer-director Michael Meredith's guidance, he -- and the film -- hug the opposite curb too hard. It's low-key without being keenly observant; at times, it feels like 30 mph on the freeway." - LA Times

11. The Love Guru - 14%
Choice review quote: "[You’ll] probably end up wishing for an old fashioned, cold war era nuclear winter; especially for Justin Timberlake, who plays an offensively mustachioed, asinine version of a French Canadian. Timberlake’s character, like every other thing in the entire movie, exists only to deliver more kindergarten penis jokes for Myers to jerk off with." - Cinema Blend

12. Yogi Bear - 13%
Choice review quote: "Dan Aykroyd voices the smarter than average pic-er-nic stealer and Justin Timberlake is his dapper little buddy Boo Boo. Both do fine, but this really is a lost cause. I have it reliably from a six-year-old that Yogi isn't shown on TV any more, making this a blatant ploy for parent nostalgia: please don't feed the wheeze." - The Guardian

13. Runner Runner - 8%
Choice review quote: "Timberlake looks handsome as hell in his casual suits and straw hats, but his character doesn't fit him nearly as well." - Entertainment Weekly

14. Edison Force - 0%
Choice review quote: "Timberlake, for his part, does his best, and escapes with only a caveat - namely, that he better figure out a way to expand his acting repertoire fast; otherwise, he might just become intimately familiar with the phrase 'straight-to-DVD' before very long." - IGN

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