Watch Karlie Kloss Beat the Crap Out of These Male Models

(via YouTube)

Karlie Kloss kicks some serious butt in Juicy Couture's fall campaign video—and we're not just talking about her modeling skills. Throughout the vid she—you'd never guess this—beats up male models.

Like us, you might be asking: why would she do such a thing to such beautiful creatures? We're not sure. All we do know is that as the supermodel struts through the sand and male models  approach her. She, rather than fawn at their perfectly-structured faces, karate-chops her way through them.

Yes, we said karate-chop.

Oh, and she wears some cool Juicy Couture fall looks while she's at it.

Watch Kloss beat on the pretty boys below, with everything from her hands to a buoy. Yes, a buoy.

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