Kate Gosselin Birthday

Kate Gosselin And Her Kids Having A Picnic

Kate Gosselin seen with her 8 children in Reading, PA. (Photo Agency)more pics »
Kate Gosselin's birthday is March 28th, 1975.
Remember Jon Gosselin's quote from last year, when he missed Kate's birthday.  It went something like this;  “I went out to Utah for, like, five days. I just wanted to get back out there and ride with my friends. It just happened to fall on Kate’s birthday.”  We wonder what Jon was doing on Kate's birthday this year?

Kate Gosselin had a very interesting, yet not always happy, year.  She was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars where she tried to learn how to ballroom dance. Kate is now promoting her new reality TV show and trying to raise her 8 children.

Happy birthday Kate!
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