Kate Gosselin Not Winning Any Fans on Set of 'Dancing With the Stars' Either

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Oof. It's been a tough week for Kate Gosselin. The mother of eight signed up for a little image enhancement with Dancing With the Stars, but so far it's having the opposite effect. Hopefully she's at least getting a little cardio out of it. Us Weekly is running an exclusive story this week, detailing Gosselin's diva-ish behavior on set. "When the show needs to contact Kate, they go through [her bodyguard]", says a production source speaking to Us Weekly. "She acts like a major celebrity...Read Full Story

'Dancing' Partner Says Paso Doble Will Be 'Kate's Best Dance'

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Tony Dovolani and Kate Gosselin (Pacific Coast News) After last week's Dancing with the Stars revealed the emotional toll the show is taking on Kate Gosselin and dance partner Tony Dovolani, it sounds like they're looking forward to Monday night's show. Tony has reportedly been frustrated with Kate for showing a lack of commitment to learning her dance routines, but on Sunday he sent a message that the two are making real progress. "Just finished camera blocking," he wrote on Twitter...Read Full Story

More Trouble Brewing Between Kate Gosselin, 'Dancing' Partner

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(Pacific Coast News)Kate Gosselin and her Dancing with the Stars partner, Tony Dovolani, have had a rocky working relationship so far, and from the sound of it, things aren't getting any better. After ABC bent over backwards to get Kate on the show (basement dance studio, flying her to LA once a week, relocating Tony to Pennsylvania), her first two dance numbers landed her in next-to-last place earlier in the week. While Tony supportively stood and smiled next to Kate during the show, it...Read Full Story

'Dancing with the Stars' An Emotional Rollercoaster for Kate Gosselin

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(Pacific Coast News)Kate Gosselin is single-handedly bringing the drama to the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars. The reality mom of eight had an emotional night in the show's second episode Tuesday as her training footage gave a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the tension between her and dance instructor/partner Tony Dovolani. As the frustration mounted between Tony and Kate in the footage, Kate questioned his teaching methods and soon had him storming out the door. When Tony came back...Read Full Story

Kate Gosselin 'Dancing with the Stars' March 29: Recap

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Kate Gosselin went from minor disaster to full blown train wreck on Dancing with the Stars Monday night. The reality mom of eight was shown cracking under pressure as dance instructor Tony Dovolani tried to teach her how to get "Jive" on the dance floor. In footage aired on the show, Kate argued with Tony and questioned his teaching methods until the instructor finally stormed out of the room. Tony eventually cooled off and came back to make amends with Kate, who was holding her head in...Read Full Story

Kate Gosselin Debuts on 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Kate Gosselin made her debut on last night's premiere of Dancing with the Stars, and the results were, well, underwhelming. At least that's the position the judges took after her routine wrapped, when they described her as being stiff as a "shopping cart." Perhaps nerves were to blame. Kate said in an interview with E! News, "It hit me, like, right then and there, and at some point I blanked out, which is hysterical, because I was like, 'Dear God, I don't know what I'm doing next.'"She...Read Full Story

Kate Gosselin Steps Up 'DWTS' Training, Gets New Dance Floor

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Kate Gosselin leaves her New York hotel to head to "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsals with Tony Dovolani. (Pacific Coast News)Kate Gosselin is taking this whole Dancing with the Stars thing seriously. Not only was she spotted out in New York Thursday decked out in her training gear, but workers have been seen installing a new dance floor in the basement of her Pennsylvania home. Earlier this week, Kate appeared on Good Morning America with her new dance partner, Tony Dovolani. She said...Read Full Story

Kate Gosselin Says 'DWTS' Partner Better Be a 'Miracle Worker'

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Kate Gosselin (Pacific Coast News) and Tony Dovolani (Getty). Kate Gosselin appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday morning to talk about her upcoming stint on Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars. Sitting next to her was her new dance partner, Tony Dovolani, the who Kate says is "going to be my miracle worker." The two bantered back-and-forth like naturals as Kate made it clear she doesn't think she's a favorite in the contest. Tony said that's all right because she has the drive of a...Read Full Story

'Dancing with the Stars' 2010 Lineup: Kate Gosselin

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Kate Gosselin is slated to make her dance floor debut on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, according to the Washington Post. The official linup will be announced by ABC after tonight's finale of The Bachelor, but for now the rumor mill is in full force with speculation as to which stars we'll see on the reality show. The mom of 8 and recent divorcee apparently voiced a while back that she wanted to be on DWTS while she was on Jay Leno's show  -- though she doesn't think she...Read Full Story

Report: Kate Gosselin to Compete on 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Kate Gosselin: dancing diva? According to the Washington Post, ABC is supposed to announce today that the reality mama will be joining the next cast of Dancing with the Stars. So, will the new divorcee and mom of 8 surprise us with some slick moves? She thinks not. She apparently told Jay Leno on his show a while back that it would be a dream come true to star on the reality show, but she probably won't be too suave on the dance floor. She said: "I want to laugh at myself. I so cannot...Read Full Story