Katharine McPhee's Blonde Hair Turning Heads

Katharine McPhee looking fierece (people.com)
Katharine McPhee as a blonde? Stranger things have happened.

The American Idol contestant is showing off platinum hair for the cover of her upcoming album, Unbroken.

The sultry singer tells People:
“My music is a little more edgy so that inspired me to be adventurous,” she explains of taking the leap to blonde with stylist Peter Savic. “I’ve never dyed my hair before so this was a pretty drastic change. I’ve always been known as a brunette but I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and it kind of just fit with all of the searching with the music and experimenting that I would do the same thing with my look.” And she’s been noticing other effects of the new style as well. “The look has affected the way I dress, it’s inspired me to be more adventurous with what I decide to wear. It’s silly that something so simple as changing your hair could have such a big effect,” she muses. “I’m just having fun with it. This is a great time for me to do something different. I’m young — I always try to have a good time.”

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