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The Bearded Man - Star Pics: July 10, 2010
Star Pics: July 10, 2010
Keanu Reeves must be immune to the sunlight under all that facial hair, because he went out in 90+ degree weather in... more »
Keanu Reeves - Famous Fears and Phobias
Famous Fears and Phobias
When it comes to fears, Keanu Reeves has thought this out. "I am afraid of the dark. But I mean that in a real... more »
Ready to Race - The Week in Pictures - April 9, 2010
The Week in Pictures - April 9, 2010
Celebs can not only afford to buy some really fast cars, they also get invited to race the even faster cars. Of all... more »
Keanu Reeves - 2010 Oscars Presenters
2010 Oscars Presenters
Despite having never won an award, Keanu Reeves is an Oscars veteran: He's made an impressive four appearances at... more »
Keanu Reeves - The Most Musical Actors
The Most Musical Actors
Keanu Reeves played bass for the grunge band Dogstar in the 1990s and up until 2005 played in the band Becky. He... more »
Keanu Reeves - Pop (Culture) Quiz - Oct. 15
Pop (Culture) Quiz - Oct. 15
Karen Sala's attempt to collect child and spousal support from Keanu Reeves took a hit when his DNA proved he... more »
Uh, Keanu Reeves... - The Week in Pictures - September 18, 2009
The Week in Pictures - September 18, 2009
What's the deal with your hair?  Are you going for a yeti look here? See all photos from this album here .  more »
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