Kesha Just Can't Catch a Break in Her Legal Case Against Dr. Luke

After a recent ruling in Sony's favor, the singer's lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke continues to go nowhere.

Kesha Just Can't Catch a Break in Her Legal Case Against Dr. Luke

Kesha's career has been halted since the star legally requested to be released from her contract with Sony producer Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald (Dr. Luke) in October 2014. Luke, she claimed, had sexually harassed and molested her, making him impossible to work with and leaving her trapped in an abusive work situation.

Numerous stars have spoken out in favor of her seemingly impossible legal release, one such celeb being EDM artist Zedd, who reached out to Kesha via Twitter in February. Others include Taylor Swift, who donated $250,000 in a bid of support.

On Mar. 21, the "Die Young" singer's case was once again dealt a major blow when New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich rejected her move to amend counterclaims to her existing lawsuit against Dr. Luke.

In the past, the singer and her counsel have attempted to free Kesha from the contract via claims of a "hate crime" and with claims of sexual abuse. This time around, she asserted Dr. Luke and co. had failed to pay her royalties. Dr. Luke and his team argued against Kesha, claiming she actually owed his party $1.3 million in royalties.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kornreich not only sided with Luke's financial argument, but disagreed that Kesha was under hardship being forced to work with Dr. Luke — a man she's accused of rape.

In a somewhat desperate move, Kesha also asked the New York judge to honor a California law referred to as the "Seven Year Rule" on personal service contracts.

"To protect young, newly discovered recording artists from this precise manner of exploitation in quasi-lifetime un-severable professional relationships, California labor law requires all music contracts to end within seven years of execution," Kesha's party argued.

Unfortunately for the once lauded artist, Kornreich did not honor the law.

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In terms of legal recourse, this collection of amendments was Kesha's last stand. It's unclear at this point how the 30-year-old will continue.

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