Ranking the 'American Idol' Top 10


It's time for American Idol to finally get down to business!

After weeks of auditions, Hollywood Week shenanigans, amazing (and not so amazing) performances, Idol hits the big time tonight with its live Top 10 performance episode. So which of the finalists look like they're in it to win it? And who looks destined for a tearful early exit?

Check out our rankings for Season 12's Top 10, then hit the comments below with your thoughts. Do you agree? Disagree and think we're total idiots for not putting [INSERT NAME HERE] higher on our list? Let your voice be heard!

10. Lazaro Arbos
Sorry, Lazaro fans. The stuttering crooner has a truly inspiring backstory, but his performances have been all over the place (that's putting it mildly). He'll probably make it to at least the Top 7 because of his already very large fan base, but there are nine other better vocalists in the competition.

9. Janelle Arthur
This old-school country girl has potential, but somehow she's never managed to truly shine with a wow performance. American Idol fans love country singers (and hometown girls), but there's something a little too bland about Janelle to elevate her to the top.

8. Paul Jolley
His performances haven't been great and he needs to seriously work on his stage presence, but if you close your eyes you can definitely hear Paul Jolley's voice singing hit songs on country radio stations. But will voters be patient enough to watch him reach his potential?

7. Curtis Finch, Jr.
Curtis certainly knows how to blow the roof off the Idol stage with his vibrant, emotional church-style performances. Critics say he's too much like a bunch of former Idol contestants (most recently Joshua Ledet), but does that really matter when he opens his mouth and starts to sing?

6. Devin Velez
Good voice, quirky style, unassuming personality, and a memorable mom — add in the fact that he sings in both English and Spanish, and you've got a very solid competitor. He probably can't win, but Devin can definitely make a name for himself if he chooses the right songs.

5. Amber Holcomb
She hasn't made a vocal misstep yet, which is super impressive considering she's just 18 years old. There's a bit of a spark missing in her performances, but hitting the big Idol stage should hopefully give Amber the confidence she needs (and definitely deserves!).

4. Burnell Taylor
Burnell has emerged as a bit of a dark horse in recent weeks. The New Orleans native has a memorable back story (his family survived Hurricane Katrina and he lost 40 pounds before the live Idol shows), but it's his smooth, rich voice that's proven to be the real star.

3. Candice Glover
Candice claims she gets nervous before her American Idol performances, but she really doesn't need to. She's been vocally flawless so far and has proven to be a a classy addition to the Top 10. There's a question of whether she can truly connect with voters, but for now let's all just enjoy listening to her sing.

2. Angie Miller
There's no question that Angie Miller has already connected with Idol voters — big time. The bubbly 18-year-old is musically very talented and has already had a few standout performances. Could a girl with a piano be this year's guy with a guitar? We think so.

1. Kree Harrison
Listen up: This is what it sounds like when someone who's meant to sing hits the stage. The 22-year-old Nashville singer/songwriting makes the Idol thing look easy, and listening to her sing you can't help but think she's just barely getting started. There's something about Kree that's very reminiscent of early Kelly Clarkson, and that's obviously a very, very good thing.

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