Robert Pattinson's Post-Breakup Makeover

(Getty images and Bauer Griffin)

For someone who was recently, and very publicly, made a cuckold, Robert Pattinson is looking extra hot these days.

Apparently, the Twilight star is going down a road many of us have traveled before: he's given himself a post-breakup makeover.

Perez Hilton reports that Pattinson has been spending loads of dough on teeth whitening, spray tanning, hair coiffing (his head is looking extra suave these days), personal training, and lots and lots of Gucci suits.

Exhibit A, here, at the Cosmopolis premiere:


If that's not a shimmering glow, supremely suave coif, and stylish suit, we don't know what is.

Here's a look back at his previous iterations, from his Harry Potter days through the KStew years:
Just look at that boyish charm—RPatts is a total baby here in 2005!

Rob is majorly channeling Edward Cullen in 2008 with his deep brooding stare and tousled tresses.
He definitely wasn't getting a spray tan back when he was promoting the Twilight Saga: New Moon release in 2009—after all, he had to be perfectly pale for his role as a sexy vamp.
Looking a bit more fresh-faced, and his hair more spiky, Pattinson is definitely more comfortable in his skin by the 2011 InStyle/Warner Brothers Golden Globes Party.

Just days before Kristen Stewart's deception was revealed earlier this year, Pattinson looks a little tired, pale, and unkempt.

Now, back to his newfound gorgeous self leaving The Jimmy Kimmel Show last week:

(FameFlynet Pictures)

Take that KStew!

What do you think of Pattinson's new look? Do you like him better before or after? Let us know in the comments!