3 Reasons We're Glad We Didn't Watch Kylie Minogue's 'Sexercize' Video with Our Moms


Kylie Minogue has released her ultra-sexy music video for "Sexercize," which is cut from her brand new studio album Kiss Me Now. Let us start by stating the obvious: This video is way too hot to handle (and pretty much NSFW). If you consider yourself the type of person who gets red in the face after watching a person sexually bounce a yoga ball and grind on a pommel horse in hot pink stilettos — look away now.

Not surprising, the steamy video comes with its own Parental Advisory warning (because a Parental Advisory warning is really supposed to stop young folks from getting acquainted with the Australian pop star's new workout plan): 

Of course, the video should actually come with a Parental Advisory warning NOT to watch this video with one's parents. Here are three very good reasons why: 

Like we said: This is too hot to handle. Save the parent-kid bonding for something else. 

And now, for the actual video. If you're easily offended by sexualized sweat, don't hit play. But we'll assume that since you've made it to the end of this article, you're game. Enjoy!

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