Poll of the Day: Will Lady Gaga Ever Find True Love?

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Spotted in rural Pennsylvania firing off shotgun rounds with her rumored boyfriend Taylor Kinney, we couldn't help but wonder if Lady Gaga had finally found a sense of normalcy in her life. Everyone knows your typical American gal loves the woods, half-bearded men, and dangerous weapons. What we aren't sure of: whether or not the pop sensation will ever find true love.

Shockingly, the majority of Zimbio readers think Miley Cyrus is in fact a pothead. It's as if she said she smokes too much or something. (Getty Images)
But first, yesterday's poll: After screaming out on video that she smokes "too much f----ing weed," it didn't shock us too much to learn 67 percent of Zimbio readers think Miley Cyrus does indeed qualify as a stoner. In fact, we were more surprised that 1 in 3 of you don't think she loves the green stuff.

But back to Gaga and her rumored beau. According to The Sun, the singer and actor Talyor Kinney spent an ultra romantic evening together in Lancaster County, PA. While most tourists head to that destination to check out the peace loving, non-violent Amish residents, the flamboyant pop star went to the shooting range. Because nothing says love like a fiery blast from a 12 gauge.

As an anonymous source explained to the British tabloid: "Gaga loves anything extreme. Watching a bunch of men unload guns would turn her on just as much. It's extreme in a different way." After all, who needs oysters when you've got a burly man by your side brandishing a shotgun?

Clearly, Gaga and Kinney have fantastic chemistry. But will the attraction last? And more importantly:

Will Lady Gaga ever find true love?

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