These New 'AHS: Hotel' Set Photos Reveal a Huge Season Spoiler!

Well, this is a plot twist we didn't see coming...

These New 'AHS:Hotel' Set Photos Reveal a Huge Season Spoiler!

[Warning: show spoilers ahead!]

Wednesday night's episode of American Horror Story: Hotel may have introduced Tristan (Finn Wittrock), Mr. James March (Evan Peters) and Claudia (Naomi Campbell), but it most certainly didn't hint at this.

New images captured from the AHS set show Lady Gaga's Countess outside, fabulous as usual, but with one small addition: her vampiric character is pregnant.


This news may come as a massive surprise to most, but several other aspects of the images should be noted.

First, The Countess is out in daylight, which indicates this may be a flashback scene. In the show's second episode, The Countess tells Tristan that the sun should be avoided, as it will drain him of energy.


Next, the vehicle she stands next to is distinctly vintage — not the sort of car any old taxi driver would be sporting steps away from modern-day Hotel Cortez.

Regardless, what could it mean? Might this newest scene explain The Countess' own collection of albino children? What devious trickery does Elizabeth have up her bell sleeve?

We'll just have to wait and see.

Lady Gaga Seen Pregnant on the Set of 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

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