Boy Bands: Where Are They Now?

Boy Bands are pretty much good at two things: making teenage girls swoon, and disappearing without a trace. Every generation has their boy band or two, and for a brief period of time they are what every girl wants, and what every boy pretends to hate, but really wants to be.

Few boy band members linger in the spotlight--let’s face it, going solo never works. Justin Timberlake is obviously a rare exception to the rule. But who are we kidding, he was 'N SYNC. In most cases the groups just sort of vanish without a trace.

From time to time they pop up in a tabloid, or on some horrible reality show, but no one really ever knows what happened to the group they were once a part of.
From The Monkees, to LFO, to Backstreet Boys and now the Jonas Brothers , a single Boy Band is never a permanent fixture in the music world. So, when their time in the spotlight is done, where do they go?

LFO (The Light Funky Ones)

Remember LFO? They had that one hit, Summer Girls, and then wrote that song about Jennifer Love Hewitt , and then totally disappeared? Well, after LFO broke up, Rich Cronin tried to start up a couple of different bands, all of which flopped. He was most recently on the TV show Mission Man Band on VH1. Devin Lima found a new band, The Cadbury Diesel, and they just released their first record, Mozart Popart. Brad Frischetti is nowhere to be found.


What ever happened to the members of the first ever Making the Band? Jacob Underwood is still attempting to make music in a southern rock blues fusion similar to the sound of Lynard  Skynyrd. His group, Jacob’s Loc has a MySpace. Ashley Parker Angel has continued with his rise to fame, performing on Broadway and experiencing success as a solo artist. Eric Michael Estrada also continues to pursue music through a solo career. Trevor Pennick is apparently still attempting to pursue music solo, but judging by his MySpace music page, all he’s done is get a lot of partying done. Dan Miller lives in Glendale, Calif., where he continues to pursue a solo music career. Kid word in this whole paragraph is "pursue."

98 Degrees
98 Degrees broke up in 2002, and since then, Nick and Drew Lachey are the only ones that have remained in the spotlight. Nick released two solo albums, although he’s currently most well known for marrying Jessica Simpson , then divorcing Simpson and now dating Vanessa Minillo . He’s also pursued acting, and appeared in a regular capacity on the show Charmed. Drew is married with a daughter, and competed in the second season of Dancing with the Stars. Jeff Timmons released a solo album, and is working on a second one. He is also a songwriter and he appeared in the VH1 reality show Man Band. Justin Jeffre ran for mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, and now is working with area activists on independent media projects.

Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys went on hiatus in 2002, with Nick Carter and Brian Littrell releasing solo albums. Carter also appeared in a reality TV show, Meet the Carters, which showcased his dysfunctional family. In 2004, the boys started performing together to promote their return to the music scene. In 2005, they released the album, Never Gone, which did well worldwide. In 2006, Kevin Richardson left the group, and in 2007, the Backstreet Boys released a new album, Unbreakable. The four-member group is currently on tour. They continue to be successful, although they have yet to meet the amount of success they first received when they broke onto the scene in the late 1990s.


The Hanson brothers, known for the 1997 hit song MMMBop continue to make music. After leaving Island Def Jam Music Group, the band started their own label 3CG Records, which they record under. They continue to release albums and tour, performing at mostly small venues. They’ve also been productive on the baby front the youngest brother Zac is married with one child, middle brother Taylor is expecting his fourth child with his wife and oldest brother Clarke has two children with his wife.

'N Sync

After going on hiatus in 2002, the members of the group have achieved varying levels of personal fame. Justin Timberlake is most well known, as a successful solo artist, songwriter, record producer and actor. He has won six Grammy Awards and an Emmy Award, has released two successful albums and is dating actress Jessica Biel. JC Chasez released a solo album, but has found success as a songwriter and producer and as a judge for MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Joey Fatone has enjoyed a television and movie career, appearing in films such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding and On the Line. He came in second place in the fourth season of Dancing With the Stars, and is currently the host of the American and Australian versions of The Singing Bee. Chris Kirkpatrick attempted a music career with various groups, but was unsuccessful. Between 2002 and 2005 Kirkpatrick was the voice for Chip Skylark on the Fairly Oddparents, a Nickelodeon cartoon, and he appeared in the VH1 reality series Man Band. He can be heard on the Orlando based radio show, “Johnny and Jayde,” on Friday mornings from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. Lance Bass dabbled in acting, but has spent his time trying to get into space. He was certified b NASA and the Russian Space Program as a cosmonaut, but has yet to realize his dream. In 2006 he confirmed he was gay, and wrote an autobiography titled Out of Sync. He is currently on the seventh season of Dancing With the Stars.

New Kids on the Block

The members of New Kids on the Block were all semi-successful in their own endeavors. Jonathan Knight left singing for a successful career in real estate. Jordan Knight continued with a singing career, releasing various solo recors. Joey McIntyre also pursued a solo career, as did Danny Wood. Donnie Wahlberg pursued acting, and appeared in the Saw film series as well as the Sixth Sense and more. The group is currently experiencing renewed success with a new album and a successful nationwide tour.
The Monkees

Although the Monkees were a made for TV group in the 1960s, they’re still recognized as one of the first boy bands to make young girls go wild.  Mickey Dolenz has enjoyed success playing random parts in movies, television, cartoons and plays. He is currently the voice of Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear. Davy Jones has appeared in several productions of Oliver! As Fagin and raced horses in England. He owns race horses in the U.S. and was a commercial spokesman for a track in Virginia. Michael Nesmith continued with music, finding success in small groups, before settling into music production, and eventually running his own label. He also got into video production and film, spending a decade on the board of the American Film Institute. He is currently working on a project called Videoranch 3D, a virtual environment on the Internet that hosts live performances at various virtual venues. Peter Tork continued with his singing career, and has continued to release albums and tour. He’s also dabbled in acting, his most notable roll being Topanga’s father on the sitcom Boy Meets World.
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