Lance Bass Might Have a Big Old Televised Wedding Special

Celebs Stop by the SiriusXM Studios
Newly engaged couple Michael Turchin (L) and Lance Bass show their new David Yurman rings in the SiriusXM studio during Bass' show "Dirty Pop with Lance Bass" on September 18, 2013. (Getty Images)more pics »When Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel last year, he did so on another continent, presumably in the hopes of keeping their nuptials relatively private (he did sell the goofy wedding photos to People, however). His former bandmate Lance Bass is apparently considering taking the exact opposite approach, as he divulged to ABC News (via BRIDES) that he's mulling over making his upcoming wedding to fiancé Michael Turchin a televised extravaganza.

"I love a party. It's going to be nice and big and over-the-top," Bass dilvulged. "The network offered us a big wedding special. Knowing myself in the 1980s growing up a gay kid in Mississippi, I would loved to have seen something on TV I could relate to and go, 'Oh, my gosh, I could do that!'"

Bass hasn't quite figured out all the details for the wedding, but knows he wants his guests dressed to the nines: "Since there's no wedding dress, and half the excitement of a wedding is to see the wedding dress and what it looks like... we're wanting all of our guests to come [dressed] completely over-the-top, high fashion like you're heading to the MET Ball or the Royal Wedding."

That's cool and all, but what everyone's really interested in is the wedding band. Bass is practically obligated to snag an awesome act to get everyone on the dance floor. Maybe it's time for the boyband he managed — Heart2Heart — to make a comeback.

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