Miley Cyrus Feels Like She Was Lil Kim in a Past Life

(Getty Images | PacificCoastNews)Miley Cyrus thinks she's an old soul... kind of. 

In a discussion of her favorite female artists with Billboard, the ex-Disney star revealed that she feels a special affinity with rapper Lil Kim.

"In my past life, I feel like that was me. I feel like Lil Kim is who I am on the inside," insists Miley, who also lists Dolly Parton, Joan Jett, and Beth Hart. "She just makes me happy listening to her music, and I just love her. I can't help that I love her."

Cyrus isn't interested in Lil Kim's drama, however: She diplomatically listed Kim's nemesis Nicki Minaj among her favorites as well, explaining that you can't pick one without the other and calling Minaj the "Lil Kim of [her] generation."

So... does this mean we'll be hearing Miley rap sometime soon? Since she thinks people want her to be the "white Nicki Minaj" and all?

Oh wait, she's done that before...

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