Here Are 10 Actresses Who Could Play Penny's Mom on 'The Big Bang Theory'

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The 'Friends' Cast Reunited and Hung Out With the Stars of 'The Big Bang Theory'

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OMG! Taylor Swift Brought Lisa Kudrow On Stage to Sing 'Smelly Cat'

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Recasting 'Friends' with Today's Young Stars

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Mira Sorvino Opens Up About the Hilarious Dance Sequence in 'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion'

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What We're Missing: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion'

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(Buena Vista Pictures) The pivotal scene in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion is when the film's titular protagonists, joined by nerd-cum-billionaire Sandy Frink, gracefully whip out their interpretive dance moves at their high school reunion. I love this scene not just for that deliciously 80s Cyndi Lauper track playing in the background, but for the feeling of triumph it evokes. Suddenly, the bubbly-headed Romy and Michele's past as the ugly ducklings of Sagebrush High are gone with...Read Full Story

'Scandal' Recap: Power Rankings For "Everything's Coming Up Mellie"

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(ABC)Last week left Liv reeling from the information that, you know, the love of her life killed her mother (minor details here, folks). This week takes a step back into Mellie’s life: how she got to the White House (and Fitz there, too), why she has that awful helmet hair, and what she gave up to be with Fitz. 1. Mellie: God, how much better was Mellie’s hair in the Santa Barbara flashback? And how much of a knife in the gut is it when the woman interviewing her on her art tour of the East...Read Full Story

Sorry Internet, There's No 'Friends' Reunion in the Works

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So no one told you life was gonna be this way...The Internet was sent into a frenzy on Tuesday when rumors surfaced that NBC was planning a Friends reunion. Such news would be amazing and an obvious cause for a celebratory coffee at Central Perk — if only it were true.The rumor started with KHITS, a radio station based in Tulsa, OK that posted an image of the orange Friends couch with the caption, "Friends. The One With The Reunion. Thanksgiving 2014. This is the best Sunday news, evar [sic...Read Full Story

Lisa Kudrow's Online Series Picked Up By Showtime

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Lisa Kudrow's heading back to TV! The former Friends star has an online program called Web Therapy, and sources say Showtime is picking up all 45 of the 10-minute webisodes. Of course, they'll be turned into half-hour installments for TV. The program stars Kudrow as a psychologist named Fiona Wallice, and she doles out advice to her patients over a web cam. Courteney Cox starred in an installment a while back, and we're hoping the TV version will also feature some big names.Showtime's...Read Full Story

Lisa Kudrow Knows the Value of the Little Things

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Lisa Kudrow has a tendency to hoard old documents, and she used to feel bad about it -- until she appeared on the TV show Who Do You Think You Are? and realized even seemingly meaningless papers are part of her family history. Lisa told "It's the intimate details of these stories that personalize history and adds to the impact. I used to feel bad about holding on to things from my past like my day planners from the '80s, and faxes and stuff."I'm not going to feel bad about...Read Full Story