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The characters of the MCU are cooler than cool. They fly, fight, and face off against their foes without a shred of fear. These badass roles are some of the most coveted in Hollywood, and it's not easy to nab a spot in the most beloved franchises ever made. After all, The Avengers made over 1.5 billion dollars way back in 2012. That's why it's so cool to see pics of these Marvel actors long before they became a part of the universe. You know, back when they were just kids trying to make it in the entertainment industry. It's hard to imagine a time when even they weren't sure if acting would work out, but it's also so inspiring.

From Scarlett Johansson's small role in the 1994 film North to Paul Rudd's fresh-faced teen character, Scott, in NBC's TV movie, Moment of Truth: Stalking Back, you won't believe the humble beginnings of these mega stars.

Keep reading to see where everyone from Chris Hemsworth to Mark Ruffalo got their start.