One Direction Goes '90s for Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn' Cover

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Aaand it's amazing.Read Full Story

One Direction Splits into Four Solo Directions

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The boy band is taking an extended hiatus.Read Full Story

Surprise! Louis Tomlinson Is Going to Be a Dad

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This One Direction Video is a 1D Dream Come True

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In case you were too busy celebrating Miley Cyrus' 21st birthday to realize Saturday was also 1D Day, don't worry — it's not too late. There was a nearly 8-hour live stream video to celebrate the debut of the guys' Midnight Memories album, but everything you need to know and see is right here in this two-minute clip. It's filled with all the things you could ever want from the five Brits: ridiculous dancing, sweat, Niall in his underwear, and SO much shirtlessness. Even Jason Derulo got a...Read Full Story

The One Direction 'Story of My Life' Music Video Used 6,000 Real Photos of the Boys

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By now you've surely seen the music video for One Direction's emotional new hit "Story of My Life," but did you know the set included over 6,000 real photos of the boys? Or that family members had to hold onto poles for stability during the shoot? This we know from the new behind-the-scenes footage from the video. Check out all of the tricks and interesting facts from the family-oriented music video in this clip:Read Full Story

So Why Are the One Direction Guys Attaching Clothespins to Their Faces?

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One Direction was unable to make it to Wembley Stadium for the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards (they're a little busy prepping for the release of their upcoming album Midnight Memories, see), but they did manage to make it to a soundstage for some silly string and clothespin shenanigans. Above, see which young man is capable of fitting the most clothespins on his face. Below, see the video that inspired the following comment:Read Full Story

One Direction Is Raking in the Cash

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There's no money quite like teen idol money. Just ask the young men of One Direction, who, according to Heat magazine, have earned about $96 million in the past year, making them the top earning celebrities under 30 across the pond.It's not just record deals and album sales that are bringing in the big ones for the UK quintet, who collectively out-earned Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, Emma Watson, and even Adele. The group's constant touring paid off in a big way, both in terms of ticket...Read Full Story

Which One Directioner Was the Cutest Little Kid?

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In celebration of their upcoming single "Story of My Life," the gents of One Direction have all shared childhood pictures of themselves with their fans via Twitter. It's hard to say if they were cuter now or cuter then, but yeah: They were all pretty cute.Zayn tweeted a snap of himself hugging the carpet next to his older sister.Niall tweeted himself in military gear. Is that a gun?Louis Tomlinson shared a picture of himself with some pals (nice bowl cut):Liam Payne spent his childhood in the...Read Full Story

One Direction Announces 1D Day — A 7-Hour Celebration of Themselves

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One Direction has come up with a genius plan: set aside an entire day (well, a 7-hour livestream, at least) to celebrate...themselves. Well, actually, they're framing it as a way to celebrate their fans, but come on. The event will be "an exciting opportunity for everyone everywhere to take part in a unique global event, providing an exclusive insight into the lives of One Direction – and the people around them,” explains the band's official website.Are you super excited about 1D Day? It...Read Full Story

Are You Ready for One Direction Day 'Cause That's a Real Thing Now

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Most of the time famous people have to wait for some political figure or dignitary to dedicate a national holiday to them. But why wait when you can just do it yourself? The guys of One Direction have bypassed the "official" avenues and decided that November 23 will now be known as 1D Day, a day to celebrate all things One Direction. The boys of 1D were a little hazy on the details surrounding the newly formed holiday, but according to their special new website, "1D Day is an exciting...Read Full Story