Watch Louis Tomlinson Fall During One Direction Concert in Australia

By Deena Bustillo on
Louis Tomlinson ate it big time onstage in Adelaide, Australia this week. The One Directioner was running across the stage when he slipped and fell during the song "Kiss You."Fortunately, he was just fine. Unfortunately, the embarrassing video made it to YouTube.Check it out here:Read Full Story

Louis Tomlinson Is 'Gutted' He Can't Play Soccer Due to Injury

By Alicia Dennis on
Last week, Louis Tomlinson suffered a mid-game injury at a charity soccer match that was so severe, the One Direction singer threw up immediately after he made his way to the bench. Now, he's been forced to pull out of promised charity matches with the Doncaster Rovers — and he's really upset about it."Unfortunately due to injury I cannot play at this week's Doncaster Rovers match. I will still be attending the match on the bench," Tomlinson tweeted Monday. "I will play in another game in...Read Full Story

Gabriel Agbonlahor Pictures: Soccer Player Who Ran Into Louis Tomlinson

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Gabriel Agbonlahor is making headlines today for his taking out a One Direction star – by accident, of course. The Aston Villa striker was playing with Louis Tomlinson and a bunch of other stars/pro players in a match to celebrate the career of Stiliyan Petrov, who retired after a leukemia diagnosis earlier this year, when a major collision went down. The boy bander got hit so hard that he got the wind knocked out of him and then puked. Eek. Clearly Agbonlahor didn't mean to injure the poor...Read Full Story

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Loses His Lunch After Nasty Tackle With Pro Soccer Player

By Alicia Dennis on
Harry Styles is no longer the only member of One Direction to have vomited in public. At a charity soccer match over the weekend, the group's Louis Tomlinson suffered an injury that was so intense, he lost his lunch after making his way to the bench.Tomlinson had the wind (and the bile) knocked out of him by Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor, one of several professional soccer players competing in a match to celebrate the career of Stiliyan Petrov, who retired after a leukemia diagnosis...Read Full Story

Harry Styles Isn't Down with Twerking

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As you could imagine, the dudes of One Direction are full of opinions about twerking — the raunchy dance move that's been exploding on the Interwebs since Miley Cyrus defiled a foam finger last weekend at the VMAs. But you might be surprised to know Harry Styles isn't quite a fan.“I think it’s quite inappropriate," he said, "Especially for the age groups it’s aimed at.” Hear the band's thoughts on the risque move and find out who the guys think is the best twerker of the bunch, below:Read Full Story

WATCH: One Direction Performs 'Best Song Ever' on 'America's Got Talent'

By Alicia Dennis on
The applause was particularly rapturous during last night's episode of America's Got Talent, but not because of the contestants. One Direction paid a visit to the Radio City Music Hall stage, drawing the regular screams and tears from a horde of young female fans with their performance of "Best Song Ever."The performance was more energetic than one would've anticipated from a group that's been tirelessly promoting their upcoming concert film One Direction: This Is Us for weeks on end...Read Full Story

Watch: One Direction Guys Confess Their Boy Band Backgrounds and Inability to Dance

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo: Pacific Coast News)Ahh, they don't make boy bands like they used to. Where's all the matching outfits and the synchronized dance routines? At least the new generation of teen idols has a sense of history and awareness of its limitations. Take the guys from One Direction: They're very open on their feelings about being a "boy band" and they ways they differentiate themselves from their predecessors, namely in that they can't dance. In the below clip from the 1D movie, Louis Tomlinson...Read Full Story

How Does Louis Tomlinson's Facial Hair Make You Feel?

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty Images)There comes a time in every young man's life when he thinks, "I would really look more manly and awesome if I had a beard." For Louis Tomlinson, that time is now — but that does not mean he has a beard.No... Louis may have the determination, but that doesn't always mean much for the follicly challenged of the face. He has a thin wisp of something just above his lips and along his jawline. It could be considered sexy in some cultures, probably.How does Louis' facial hair make you...Read Full Story

'Larry Stylinson' Fan Fiction Writers Finally Have Their Moment in 'Crazy About One Direction'

By Alicia Dennis on
It's already been established many times over that One Direction fans — Directioners, as they often call themselves — are a particularly devoted crew. Riddled with hormones, the mostly female fanbase is the focus of a new Channel 4 documentary, Crazy About One Direction, which explores the "new breed of fan" that has emerged in the age of the Internet.What makes this documentary particularly interesting, however, is that "Larry Stylinson" devotees get a nod, too. These are fans who believe...Read Full Story

WATCH: One Direction Takes Fans Behind the Scenes on the Set of 'Best Song Ever'

By Alicia Dennis on
One Direction's highly goofy video for "Best Song Ever" broke the VEVO record for most views in a single day when it premiered last week, thanks in part to genius performances by all five of the group's members. This week, the quintet treated fans to a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, revealing that poor Niall Horan spent four hours in makeup to become a grisled movie executive, Zayn Malik has trouble walking like a lady, and much more.Read Full Story