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There are so many new fall TV shows, but there's so little time to watch them all. Now isn't this an epic conundrum, especially if you can't weed out the lousy ones from the get-go?

Sure, there are plenty of stinkers in the mix, but don't write them all off. After surviving the much-dreaded pilot season, these new TV shows now have to endure the absolute worst. While some of these small-screen contenders have managed to maintain a steady flow of ratings and a loyal viewership, others are heading towards a slow and painful death. Before the TV gods bring down the cancellation hammer, we have compiled a list of the best, worst, and blatantly average shows of fall 2018. This list includes brand-spanking-new shows from network, cable, and streaming service platforms.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out how each series fared on our list.