'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Finale Recap: Ali's TAll TAle

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It’s time, PLL fans, and we hope you’re ready. Because as promised, Ali definitely tells all in the Pretty Little Liars season finale... and yet, somehow, we still have questions. So what did Ali reveal, and what does it mean for our little liArs? Let's get to it.

Lindsay: I just need to say, first and foremost, that this episode was exactly what Pretty Little Liars needed to do in the wake of Ali actually being alive. They needed to tie up more loose ends than create them, now that the fifth season will bring Ali back as a major player. I was just SO happy with this (especially with the chance that Ezra has gone onto meet the big A in the sky. I cheered, I’m not even afraid to say it.).

Jess: Everyone who’s anyone is back tonight for the reunion of the century, Pretty Little Liars style. And it’s all thanks to Ali telling the liArs what happened on That Night. Here goes: After the girls track Ali (and Noel, her trusted advisor who “has secrets of his own”) they end up in an apartment (which is in New York, not Philly as the cops thought, since the girls left their phones and Spencer’s car there to throw the meddling po-po off their trail) to hear Ali’s tAle. During the weekend in Hilton Head with Ian, Ali discovered the NAT Club videos, downloaded them with a speed of which Caleb would be proud, and then took off to start threatening people/crossing folks off her A list. First off, JennA, deemed Not-A because Ali knew she’d never risk letting those videos leak.

Realizing that basically everyone on her A list would be harmed by the videos, Ali felt secure enough to go to the liAr sleepover and drug her friends with Mrs. D’s sleeping pills to ensure that they weren’t A (because if she got an A text while they were asleep, they couldn’t be). This is after Mrs. D warned Ali not to go out, seemingly still concerned that Spencer is Ali’s bully but also very worried about something mysterious coming through the other end of the phone.

So after drugging her besties, Ali snuck out of the barn to meet with, in this order: Toby, EzrA, Ian, and Byron. She accepted thanks, deflected blame, and threatened them, as she was wont to do all the time. (Sidebar: I really enjoyed present day Ali admitting that she knows how badly she treated everyone, ever. Amen sista.) No A texts were forthcoming, so she thought she was safe and headed home. And she almost made it. But then someone clubbed her with a rock to the head from behind, and Mrs. D. watched the whole thing go down in horror from the DiLaurentis’ front window. That’s not even the craziest part though, because Ali’s dear ol’ mom then proceeded to bury her daughter while crying and repeating “What have you done?” to someone off-screen, the someone the liArs suspect she’s still protecting.

Lindsay: “I hope they make out” — Jess, on the scene of Cece and #HotCop in the present-day interrogation room. Me, too, kinda. Cece says that if she killed Wilden (which she probably did, since Travis saw her), she had a good reason. She also tells #HotCop that she knows who killed the girl who’s in Ali’s grave and that Ali is still alive. They hang out like, all the time. #HotCop is, needless to say, intrigued. So he has the Hastings house searched and guess who shows up in their time of need? Melissa! So excited about this.

Anyway, at the police station, #HotCop is holding the Hastings separately, telling Mr. and Mrs. that their married counterparts are not yet at the station. I watch SVU, #HotCop. I see what you’re doing here, and I don’t like it. #HotCop insinuates that Spencer had something to do with the murder of whoever the girl in the grave is, given that the Hastings had a private eye following Spencer around that summer. Melissa and Mr. Hastings sit there, recounting #ThatNight, and Melissa confesses that she knows who the murderer is. She whispers into her dad’s ear and, of course, we as viewers don’t hear it. But he sure looks surprised!

Jess: Another sidebar: Spencer is innocent, y’all! After she and Ali fought, Spencer followed Ali, grabbed the shovel, but then tripped and Ali discovered her pill bottle (cue Ali: “Are you speeding?”). They made up when Ali promised to keep her secret, so Spencer had nothing to do with hurting Ali or the as-yet-nameless girl in the grave. Say it with me: PHEW.

So, back to the progression of That Night: The Grunwald dug Ali out of the grave but Ali ran away from the hospital and MonA (already set up at the Lost Woods Resort with an Ali-obsessed lair) picked her up on the side of the road and convinced her that the best thing to do was disappear. Because she was the A threatening Ali and therefore knew for a fact that A would stop torturing her. She also stood to gain Ali’s spot as Queen Bee (especially after Ali gave her some makeover tips). And so Ali, not knowing who MonA really was, drove away wearing a brunette wig, only to return once MonA ran Hanna over. She started protecting the liArs by throwing Ian off the bell tower and saving Hanna from the lodge fire, but still remained on the lam. Not for long, though! Here’s hoping for a lot of “Everyday Ali” (like Malibu Barbie but more evil) in Season 5!

Lindsay: Also in present-day, Ali is recounting to the liArs her tale, the one that I like to call “how I spent the last three years in hiding,” when bullets start flying. We see a masked A (A should just invest in those full-body greenman suits people wear for sports games. I’m sure they come in black.) shooting at the girls. They run up to the roof, A in hot pursuit, and who appears to save the day? EzrA, BLECH. Luckily for the girls, EzrA and A struggle for the gun, punching and kicking in a way that makes me believe EzrA has never been in a fight his whole life. He’s too busy rereading F. Scott Fitzgerald, after all (which is so self-serving I can’t even, but I won’t get into that now).

The gun gets removed from A’s hands, and Hanna points it at A, telling him (or her) to take off the mask. What does A do? Jumps to the next roof, of course, leaving the girls wondering who it is. We then pan to EzrA, bleeding profusely. YES. Aria screams, the girls scream, everyone is panicking, and EzrA slowly, ever-so-gently, closes his literary eyes. Is he dead? I sure as hell hope so, but the promos for next season start with the hashtag #IsEzraAlive, so who knows. This episode ended with Jessica DiLaurentis’ body being dragged, Ali-style of That Night, into a grave and covered with dirt. Creepy and wonderful, all at the same time.

Pretty Little P.S.:
  • Best line ever: “I can’t believe your mom buried you alive.” How indicative of the craziness of this show can you get?

And that’s all we wrote for Season 4, kiddos! Stay away from shovels during the spring, leave your thoughts (and questions and theories) in the comments, and we’ll see you come June for the sure-to-be-amazing Season 5. Kisses, your pretty little recAppers.