'Pretty Little Liars' Mid-Season Finale Recap: Taking This One To The GrAve

Pretty Little Liars Mid-Season Finale Recap: Taking This One To The GrAve
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LiArs, this has been a magnificent season, don’t you agree? Bringing Ali back from the dead (so to speak) breathed a brand new life into the show. We have reached the #fatAlFinale, and one of Rosewood’s finest citizens is sure to not make it out alive. Who will it be? (Honestly, we’re pulling for EzrA, but we’re glass half-full kind of gals…). Let’s find out.

Pretty Little Liars Mid-Season Finale Recap: Taking This One To The GrAveLindsay:
We open on Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Fitz standing in front of a crime scene on Thanksgiving Day. They are all upset, and there’s apparently “a lot of blood.” So who kicked the bucket? The liArs get an A text saying that “it was all [their] fault.” What a way to start! Speculating about who died is worthless at this juncture, so we’ll get to that later. Thirty-six hours earlier, the liArs are at MonA’s house, asking MonA for help because they all know that Ali is planning something big (she just went to the police for a lie detector test). MonA agrees to help, and, as the girls are leaving, MonA’s mom (who looks a lot like Emily’s mom) asks Hanna if she should be concerned about Ali being back at school. Um, duh, Ma. Later, MonAmom is seen leaving the principal’s office, so we think she’s got her own anti-Ali agenda, and could you blame her?

Pretty Little Liars Mid-Season Finale Recap: Taking This One To The GrAveJess: Meanwhile, Ali’s at the PD taking a polygraph, the video recording of which MonA and her team of one (everyone on the army has defected to Team Ali), aka Lucas, procure via hacking for the liArs. They watch Ali’s testimonial, and realize that while she doesn’t say anything too incriminating (or untrue) the cop’s leading questions indicate that they’re now looking at Spencer as the main suspect in the Bethany Young murder case. An affadavit proves it; they think Spencer killed Bethany to “gain favor” with Ali, and to keep Ali’s mouth shut re: Spencer’s speed habit. Why would killing Bethany impress or please Ali? Because of SOMEthing in Bethany’s Radley files. So #liArsunite and we’re goin’ to Radley! While Hanna and Caleb keep watch and Aria spills paint as a distraction, MonA and Spencer break into the file room at their alma matter. They also discuss which colleges they’ve been accepted to, and Spencer doesn’t do a good job of hiding her envy when she learns MonA’s been admitted to four Ivies already. Holbrook shows up to ask Aria about her volunteer work at Radley - when it started (before or after Bethany’s body was ID’d) and whether or not it was Spencer’s idea). Uh-oh.

Pretty Little Liars Mid-Season Finale Recap: Taking This One To The GrAveLindsay: While all of this Radley nonsense is happening, Ali pays Emily a visit and Emily plays the “OMG I wish we could be friends it’s Thanksgiving we need to love each other” card and Ali seems to believe it… until she catches Emily in a lie and is all “you put on a quite a performance there, Emily.” Ali knows that the girls think she is A, so what is she going to do with this now? So stressed. Ali rolled into Emily’s house while those weirdo twins waited in the car. Luckily, Paige saw them all drive away and decided to follow Cindy, Mindy, and Ali. Where did it lead? Just to a large abandoned farmhouse with a dozen other cars. Ali is creating an army, y’all. And everyone else is majorly effed.

Pretty Little Liars Mid-Season Finale Recap: Taking This One To The GrAveJess: So what do Spencer and MonA find at Radley, in between their college shop talk? Oh, just a recording of Bethany talking about Mrs. D, how she trusted her but the trust was unwarranted, and how apparently Mrs. D was having an affair with Bethany’s dad. Scandal! So did Mrs. D have two affairs (one with Mr. Hastings and one with Mr. Young)? AND, it turns out Alison lured Bethany to Rosewood because she knew about the affair, was jealous, and wanted Bethany dead. MonA figures this out, via recording, just as Spencer’s being arrested for the murder of of Bethany and as a blonde girl in a black hoodie sneaks into MonA’s house TO ATTACK HER. No, not MonA! The liArs arrive shortly thereafter, only to find a wrecked house and a ton of blood all over the damn place. Holbrook rules it a homicide - without a body as evidence, notably - while everyone in town, including the liArs, their “bed buddies,” Lucas, and Alison, watches. As the penultimate shot of the evening, we see A replacing the Fields’ lawn ornament baby Jesus with a MonA doll, then carefully laying the Jesus doll in his/her/its’ trunk with a very dead-looking MonA. RIP MonA. We’ll certainly miss your special brand of mad genius.

Pretty Little ‘Til Next Time:
  • Here’s a quick relationship update on our liArs: Paige and Em kissed, EzrA is spending Thanksgiving with Aria’s whole family, Caleb is helping Hanna help Em decorate for Xmas, and Spencer and Toby are busy role-playing while he’s in uniform (and Spence gives #OfficerToby a pocket watch that’s engraved with, “You are my once upon a time -S.”
  • Emily’s decorating of her house for Christmas before Thanksgiving is a set-your-lawn-on-fire offense my opinion (attention, future neighbors). Other gems from this scene include Emily saying “where’s Jesus?” and “if you can’t find Christmas in your heart, you won’t find it under the tree.”
  • MonA fills the liArs in on why Ali, a total sociopath, picked them as her dolls to play with: one smart, one loyal, one admiring, and one passionate. Accurate/guess who’s who?
  • Turns out Hanna aced the SATs (or SCTs, as she calls them) and is now applying to a bunch of smartypants schools. You go, girl.
  • We had an inkling that MonA was in trouble from the moment she apologized to the liArs for taking all her #AliAnger out on them way back when. It felt final, like she was at peace. At least she was finally accepted into the liArs crew before she bit the dust.
  • Toby’s in a car accident but he’s fine - just a broken leg. Whew.

Pretty Little Liars Mid-Season Finale Recap: Taking This One To The GrAveAnd to update our comprehensive round-up of all Ali’s lies, here’s the major tale she told in the finale:

Lie #14
What It Was: “I didn’t have anything to do with Bethany Young’s murder.”
Who She Told It To: The polygraph administrator, so really, #HotCop
Why It Matters: It exonerates herself - since she told it while hooked up to a lie detector - but not anyone else, and in fact, it helps implicate the other liArs in Bethany’s murder.
Is It True?: It looks like a big, fat, NOPE. MonA discovers, while going through Bethany’s Radley files, that Ali knew about the DiLaurentis/Young affair, got Bethany to Rosewood, and wanted her dead. So even if she didn’t do the deed, she was definitely involved somehow.

Jess and I called who would die about ten minutes before it happened, so we’re a) proud of ourselves for being smart and b) devastated about MonA’s death. We hope that the liArs rise up (Lucas and Paige included) and kick Ali’s socio ass. Yep. We said it. In lieu of a Halloween episode, this year the liArs will have a merry old time during Christmas with A. See you October 21 for a behind-the-scenes episode and then in December for some holidAy cheer! Until then, liArs!