'Pretty Little Liars' Preview: Aria Makes Out with Jake, Tries to Prove She's Over Ezra

On Pretty Little LIars, we were recently introduced to Jake (#DojoHottie) and his one purpose in life — to rescue Aria from the nagging grips of first love syndrome. Time to get over it, sweetie. Fortunately for Jake, he succeeds in his task (Aria seems all too willing to lay one on those supple lips of his). But, unfortunately for him he apparently had to sit through Aria's entire breakup story to get it. "Do you really want to be with someone who will kiss you after telling them a story like that?" he says, pulling her away. A gentlemanly effort indeed. It looks like Aria has a bit of thinking to do.

Check out the preview clip for Tuesday night's episode "Face Time" (above) if not for the drama, than for Jake's very becoming black leather jacket.
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