Psy and Other Artists We Shouldn't Really Call One-Hit Wonders

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty Images)Don't call Psy a one-hit wonder.The international pop sensation is clearly a little miffed by the immediate dismissal he faced as the hoopla over "Gangnam Style" died down earlier this year. In an interview with radio station 92.3 NOW, he explained that the "one-hit wonder" label is completely unfair, considering the success he's had in his native Korea for over a decade."After ‘Gangnam Style,’ I hesitated to answer the question ‘What’s next?’” he recalled. “Literally, right...Read Full Story

Zimbio Q&A: Macy Gray On How Cute Zac Efron Is, And Being More Than a One-Hit Wonder

By Adam Wenger on
Macy Gray doesn't mind if you call her a one-hit wonder. The way she sees things, those who think her career began and ended with the release of her mega-hit "I Try" simply don't understand.Indeed, from her appearances in films like Training Day and Idlewild to the six studio albums she's released since 1999, Gray has accomplished plenty over the last decade. On Friday, she returns to the big screen alongside Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy.I recently chatted with Gray about her...Read Full Story

Macy Gray Quit Drugs for Vanity's Sake

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(Getty) For some, beauty is the ultimate anti-drug.Singer-songwriter Macy Gray was once an unofficial ambassador for cannabis. She'd drop quotes like "Weed and birth-control pills are my regulars" in major music magazines and show up at parties on the arm of George Clinton. But it appears that hitting her fourth decade has altered Gray's relationship with illicit substances—mainly because of how they effect her appearance.Gray explained to the UK's Telegraph, "At a certain age, drugs make...Read Full Story

ABC Bleeps Out Macy Gray on 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Getty ImagesWhat did Macy Gray say last night that ABC couldn't swallow? The singer had just finished her performance on Dancing with the Stars, a routine that most viewers found pretty awkward but the judges seemed to receive rather kindly. According to, Carrie Ann Inaba said, "Wow. OK, Macy, that was fascinating. There is something fascinating to watch about you." Even tough critic Len Goodman said, "There's a vulnerability about you and a charm. I can only say this, if I...Read Full Story

Mark Dacascos, Tom DeLay Among Newest Contestants on 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Mark Dacascos is better known as "The Chairman" from the US version of Iron Chef. Tom DeLay is better known as the former US congressman with the nickname of "The Hammer."But starting this fall, the only thing people will want to know is whether they can move on the dance floor. They are among the contestatants announced for this season of Dancing With the Stars.Also show off their rug-cutting skills will be MMA fighter Chuck Liddell, actress Melissa Joan Hart, and reality star Kelly Osbourne...Read Full Story