Maggie Gyllenhaal Was Told She Was Too Old to Play a 55-Year-Old's Love Interest

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It's Hollywood sexism and ageism at its best. Read Full Story

You Won't Believe What Jake Gyllenhaal Did to Prep for 'Nightcrawler'

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(Open Road Films)In Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal plays an intense loner who becomes a crime scene paparazzo. As the saying goes, "If it bleeds, it leads." And that idea has never been more ominous. The character, Lou Bloom, gets a little too good at his job and becomes embroiled in events he never expected. For Gyllenhaal, capturing his character's freak intensity became much more than simply learning his lines. EW describes the actor's outlandish preparation in a new article. Gyllenhaal...Read Full Story

Watch Four Minutes of Channing Tatum Fighting to Save the President in 'White House Down'

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The story of Roland Emmerich's new action-packed White House Down is about a rejected Secret Service applicant (Channing Tatum) who finds himself at the right place at the wrong time after a group of paramilitary hoodlums take over the White House. From there, it's up to Tatum to do everything in his power to protect the president (Jaime Foxx) by any means possible.In the newly released extended trailer, the tone quickly jumps from heartfelt dad-daughter drama to full-blown action-packed...Read Full Story

What's New in Theaters This Weekend: September 28, 2012

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From left: Anna Kendrick, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dracula, Selena Gomez, Frankenstein. (Photos by: Getty Images)Four new wide releases hit theaters this weekend, including the smartest sci-fi action film of the year, a surprisingly sharp a capella comedy, a fun monster movie for the kids, and a dramatic look at the struggle of the inner-city school system.Meanwhile our expert, Exhibitor Relations' Senior Box Office Analyst Jeff Bock, predicts big things for Adam Sandler's new animated feature...Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - 'Won't Back Down' Has an Agenda, and It's Not to Make a Quality Film

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(20th Century Fox | Getty Images) The Bottom Line Should you see it? No. Why? Naive and predictable, the film takes a simplistic view of a hugely convoluted issue and makes mince meat of it for its own agenda. If the point of Won't Back Down was to take a polarizing, immensely complicated issue and make it black and white, bravo! Success! Billed as a prospective Oscar contender (what Viola Davis film isn't?) Won't Back Down is barely suited for movie of the week status. Which by the way...Read Full Story

What's New in Theaters This Weekend: May 18, 2012

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From Left: Rihanna, Chace Crawford, Jennifer Connelly (Photos by Getty Images).BattleshipDirected by: Peter BergStarring: Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson, Alexander SkarsgardAliens respond to a communications signal on Earth and splash down in Pearl Harbor, unleashing a slew of robotic buzzsaws that carve up the landscape and terrorize everyone. Based on the Hasbro board game so you know it will be good. See it? No.Full Review The DictatorDirected by: Larry...Read Full Story

Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal Land on 100 Hottest Couples List

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Indie darlings Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal share more than an abundance of vowels in their respective names. They've been together since 2002, are the parents of a daughter, Ramona, and each have plenty of critically acclaimed performances under their belts. All this, and they've still got indie cred. Maybe it's because they live in Brooklyn.Interested in seeing how Maggie and Peter compare to their colleagues on the 2011 list? We've got it all worked out in our comprehensive...Read Full Story

Maggie Gyllenhaal Still Has Trouble Understanding British Accents

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Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared in London for the premiere of Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang last night and told how, despite spending lots of time in the UK, she still has trouble understanding the local people. Maggie -- who is married to American actor Peter Sarsgaard -- told BANG Showbiz: "You know I have been here so much we shot The Dark Knight here, my husband shot An Education here, but I think it's funny; we speak the same language and so many things are similar about New York...Read Full Story

Maggie Gyllenhaal Was Drunk Enough to Dance with Madonna at Oscar Party

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Maggie Gyllenhaal says she grew up idolizing Madonna, so she was a little starstruck when she finally met her after being invited to one of her parties. Fortunately, the alcohol took the edge off the situation. "She didn't say hi, she just started dancing with me," she told Ellen Degeneres on her show. "Luckily I had taken my shoes off and I kind of like... I was drunk enough that I just kind of danced with her. And I really did for like a minute and a half."Then she was beyond me. Way...Read Full Story

Maggie Gyllenhaal Got Great Parenting Advice from Emma Thompson

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Maggie Gyllenhaal looks up to British actress Emma Thompson. The 32-year-old actress, who recently starred alongside the star in Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, wants to be like her because she gave Maggie some great advice about being a working mom. Maggie, who has a three-year-old daughter Ramona with her husband Peter Sarsgaard, said: "I want to be her when I grow up. Emma was the one who said to me when I was a newlywed, I had no nanny and I was working on this movie. She said, 'You...Read Full Story