13 Things We Learned from the Epic 'Man of Steel' Blu-ray Commentary

By JJ Duncan on
(From Warner Bros.)The Man of Steel Blu-ray is out, and if there's one good reason to run out and buy it, it's definitely the commentary. With a three-hour split-screen version of the movie that goes beyond the traditional commentary track, Zack Snyder, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, and loads more people who worked on the movie break down exactly how they pulled it all off. Here are some of the coolest things we found out. 1. The Kryptonian Language Was Painstakingly Fleshed OutOur doorway into...Read Full Story

Ryan Gosling vs. 5 More Shirtless Man Hunks: Who Should Play Batman?

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From left: Ryan Gosling, Joe Manganiello, and Richard Armitage. (From Warner Bros. | HBO)Would Ryan Gosling make a good Batman? We've seen him prove he can handle action movies, but it's still a little weird to imagine Gosling risking his indie cred for a shot at stepping into the Bat's well-worn boots.With Christian Bale out of the picture, the biggest question surrounding the upcoming Superman/Batman movie seems to be who will be playing the Dark Knight this time around. The Hollywood...Read Full Story

Weekend Box Office: 'Monsters University' and 'World War Z' Both Win

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(Photos from Pixar | Paramount)Appealing to two very different demographics, World War Z and Monsters University both came out looking like winners in this weekend's box office. Pixar enjoyed its second-biggest opening ever with its Monsters sequel bringing in $82 million (Toy Story 3 remains tops with its $110 million opening). Meanwhile World War Z far outpaced analysts expectations (the optimists were saying $60 million on Friday) to breath life into a movie many thought was dead when its...Read Full Story

Did You Know Warner Bros. Has Been Using Jesus to Market 'Man of Steel'?

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo: Warner Bros.)As we pointed out in our review, Man of Steel is heavy on the religious symbolism, which makes sense considering the original Superman story drew large amounts of inspiration from the Old and New Testaments. But the religiosity of the film isn't just a series of symbols and allegories — it's a marketing strategy. Warner Bros. hired Grace Hill Media, a PR company whose mission statement is to "bridge the chasm that exists between Hollywood and the relatively untapped...Read Full Story

Weekend Box Office: 'Man of Steel' Sets June Record, 'This Is the End' Finishes Distant 2nd

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(From Warner Bros. | Sony)Man of Steel has been heaped with mixed reviews, but its first weekend in theaters is officially an unqualified success. The most-anticipated superhero movie of the year pulled in an estimated $116.7 million over the weekend. Warner Bros. had to inflate its original projections by about $3.5 million after the movie enjoyed an unexpectedly huge Sunday. The result is the second-biggest opening of the year behind Iron Man 3, and the highest opening ever in June, beating...Read Full Story