Mariah Carey and Other Artists Who've Featured Their Children in Their Songs

(Twitter)Mariah Carey has been toiling away on her much anticipated upcoming album The Art of Letting Go for about four years now, but there's an upside to the lengthy wait: Fans will get to hear Carey's toddler twins Moroccan and Monroe for the first time.

Last week, Carey told People that her children are featured on a song she wrote with Bryan-Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri.

"There's a part that Jermaine says on the song that [the kids] loved, and Monroe started to say it," Carey explained. "I kept having to get my iPhone and record her. So I have all these different takes of her saying things, singing things. Then I'd be like, 'This is your new ad lib — learn it!' I have to make it fun for her."

Carey, who says her children started singing around the same time they started talking, is not the first artist to feature her kid on a song. Here are some of the most notable kid cameos of the past decade or so.

Blue Ivy Carter on Beyoncé's "Blue"
Apparently Blue Ivy is more into her dad's music than her mom's, but she still contributed a couple of lines to Beyoncé's "Blue," which just so happens to be about her daughter. Naturally, the littlest Carter also appears in the music video. Listen around 4:05.

Blue Ivy Carter on Jay Z's "Glory"
Blue Ivy scored her first song feature just two days after her birth. Jay Z's celebratory song "Glory" features both her heartbeat and some of her first cries (listen around 3:18). 

Bamboo on Big Boi's "Bamboo" interlude
Big Boi's eldest son Bamboo is featured on a memorable Speakerboxxx interlude that includes his best stab at a cover of "The Whole World." It also features some naughty language.

Hailey Jade on Eminem's "My Dad's Gone Crazy"
Eminem has used recordings of his daughter a couple of times, most notably on the poignant love song "Hailey's Song" (just her laugh) and the joke track "My Dad's Gone Crazy." She has a lot of attitude on the latter, which is also pretty NSFW.
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