Mariah Carey Just Unwittingly Opened Herself Up to a Flood of Beyoncé Comparisons

(Getty Images)If you want to end up on Mariah Carey's bad side (aka her left), it's pretty easy: Compare her to any other singer in the game.

The pop superstar does not appreciate comparisons to other so-called divas. Take, for example, her response to reports that up-and-comer Ariana Grande was being hailed as a "young Mariah" during an interview on 105.1's The Breakfast Club. "First of all, I'm still young 'cause I discount numbers. Numerically speaking, I stopped counting at 17," Mariah sniffed. "But I wish everybody all the best of luck, and if this is the career they choose, I hope they can achieve longevity."

So Carey's probably not feeling all the Beyoncé comparisons that have popped up on the web today. In a new cover story for Billboard, Carey revealed that she's scrapped traditional release plans for her upcoming album in favor of something a little more spontaneous. Carey will unleash the album's artwork, tracklist, title, and music all at once through digital partners (guess this means she's let go of the title The Art of Letting Go). 

In other words, Mariah's planning to drop it Beyoncé-style... minus the element of surprise. Now, let's look at the headlines:


It's not all bad, though: Carey generally has nothing but kind things to say about Queen Bey (although let's be real — she'd never refer to her as Queen Bey). There are certainly worse people to be compared to. Like Jennifer Lopez.

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