Mariah Carey Just Unwittingly Opened Herself Up to a Flood of Beyoncé Comparisons

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(Getty Images)If you want to end up on Mariah Carey's bad side (aka her left), it's pretty easy: Compare her to any other singer in the game. The pop superstar does not appreciate comparisons to other so-called divas. Take, for example, her response to reports that up-and-comer Ariana Grande was being hailed as a "young Mariah" during an interview on 105.1's The Breakfast Club. "First of all, I'm still young 'cause I discount numbers. Numerically speaking, I stopped counting at 17," Mariah...Read Full Story

Orlando Bloom's Son Flynn is Definitely Going to Be a Heartbreaker

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Today in juicy celebrity news: Orlando Bloom's son is just too darn cute, Courteney Cox is living with her new beau, Bruce and Kris Jenner hold hands, and more...Baby BloomWhat happens when a hot actor has a baby with a gorgeous model? You get one seriously adorable kid with amazing style, that's what. For instance, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr's son Flynn is just about as cute as they come. The actor brought his 3-year-old son to his Hollywood Walk of Fame unveiling Wednesday and all eyes...Read Full Story

Mariah Carey and Other Artists Who've Featured Their Children in Their Songs

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(Twitter)Mariah Carey has been toiling away on her much anticipated upcoming album The Art of Letting Go for about four years now, but there's an upside to the lengthy wait: Fans will get to hear Carey's toddler twins Moroccan and Monroe for the first time. Last week, Carey told People that her children are featured on a song she wrote with Bryan-Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri."There's a part that Jermaine says on the song that [the kids] loved, and Monroe started to say it," Carey explained...Read Full Story

Mariah Carey Does Not Appreciate Your Ariana Grande Comparisons

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(Getty Images)Mariah Carey had a very eventful day, waking up bright and early to get glam for a round of radio interviews about her new single "You're Mine (Eternal)." She even paid a visit to 105.1's The Breakfast Club, where she delivered diva-tastic answers to questions about everything from American Idol to her marriage with Nick Cannon. At some point, talk turned to rising starlet Ariana Grande, who has earned plenty of comparisons to Carey for her multi-octave voice. Asked how she...Read Full Story

Nick Cannon Taught His 2-Year-Old Twins How to Do Sit-Ups and It was Awesome

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When you grow up with Mariah Carey for a mom and Nick Cannon for a dad, your childhood is bound to be a little on the wild side. For one, you grow up thinking that owning 1,000 pairs of shoes is completely normal. And an afternoon workout your dad at the ripe age of 2 is just part of the routine. Cannon posted footage of his workout with twins Monroe and Morocco on Instagram Friday and the results are as adorable as they are hilarious. Check it out:First it was crunch time.And then Roc flexed...Read Full Story

Mariah Carey's Christmas Tradition Is Very Different Than Your Christmas Tradition

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Opening presents, caroling, sitting by the fire, watching TNT's 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story, passing out after too much eggnog — these are holiday traditions most everyone's familiar with. Walking the dog in the snow wearing only a bikini? Not so much... unless you're Mariah Carey, then it's become something of an annual ritual apparently. Carey's been (over)sharing her holiday getaway to Aspen — you know, rich people stuff — on Instagram, including this pic captioned, "It's just a...Read Full Story

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Gives Mariah Carey Fans the Surprise of Their Lives

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Mariah Carey's new power ballad "The Art of Letting Go" got a memorable boost on Tuesday evening's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Fallon invited a bunch of super fans to his studio to listen to the new single en masse… with a special plan, of course."They have no idea," Fallon excited told the audience before airing the clip. "Mariah's going to be actually singing it live in the recording studio right next to them and she's gonna walk out…and they're gonna go crazy."There was laughter. There...Read Full Story

LISTEN: Mariah Carey Showcases Her Pipes on 'The Art of Letting Go'

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On Monday morning, Mariah Carey finally followed through on a promise she'd made months ago with the release of "The Art of Letting Go," the titular single off her long-awaited new album. It's a sweeping, retro breakup ballad about breaking free of a bad love, and while it's a little wordy ("Your audacity is too much to be believed"), it's the sweetest response Mimi has made to all those allegations that she's lost her fire. Mariah's voice is in full diva mode here: She's not showing off...Read Full Story

Mariah Carey Sizzles in the 'Art of Letting Go' Single Cover Art

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(Instagram)Mariah Carey has been trying her hardest to keep her beloved "Lambily" happy over the past couple of months, despite myriad delays on her much-anticipated album The Art of Letting Go. Carey has been sharing bits and pieces of the project via Facebook and Instagram, most recently the cover art for the titular single. And yes, it's hot.In the image, Carey appears in a signature seductive pose on a beach at sunset, with her long, honey-hued locks lying tousled atop her shoulders...Read Full Story

Mariah Carey Calls Her Shoulder Injury the 'Toughest Experience of Her Life'

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(Getty Images)Mariah Carey's been sporting a brave face (and a bunch of sequined slings) since she suffered a cracked rib, a dislocated shoulder, and nerve damage in a fall on the set of a music video earlier this year. But in a candid Facebook post Friday, the veteran chart topper revealed that it's been more of a struggle than she's let on. Thankfully, it appears that she's very much on the mend."The last three months of my life have not been easy. Getting through this injury has been the...Read Full Story