Songs of Summer 2013: The Inescapable Radio Hits

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(VEVO | Hollywood Records)As anyone who's turned on their radio in the past three months knows, it was a good summer for Pharrell. The multi-talented producer played a major role in both of the summer's monstrously successful smash singles. It was also a big summer for ex-child stars, all of whom took very different approaches to launching their post-family programming careers. And as always, it was a great season for ridiculously good looking people who know their way around a hook.1...Read Full Story

Ariana Grande's New Single 'Baby I' Sounds Like It Was Lifted Straight Out of the '90s

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Were it not for the unstoppable force that is One Direction, Ariana Grande's new single "Baby I" would likely have the top spot on the iTunes songs chart. The tune, released earlier than expected on Sunday night, is a sleek little R&B jam that sounds like it was made to for the sole purpose of generating Mariah Carey comparisons.Justin Bieber, who shares a manager with Ariana in Scooter Braun, tweeted his approval:As did the Wanted's Nathan Sykes (another of Scooter's clients):Ariana was...Read Full Story

Did Carly Rae Jepsen Throw the Worst First Pitch of All Time?

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(Getty Images)Carly Rae Jepsen made ESPN for the first time in her career on Sunday, when she threw the first pitch at a faceoff between the Houston Astros and the Tampa Bay Rays. And it was a doozy.(via ONTD)The "Call Me Maybe" singer now has the hilarious and unfortunate distinction of being the worst celebrity pitcher in recent memory, as her ball made a beeline for straight for the ground. Maybe they just don't do softball in her native Canada.Jepsen laughed off the embarrassment...Read Full Story

Don't Worry About Mariah Carey — She's Recuperating in a 'Very Fashionable Sling'

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(Twitter)Mariah Carey's beloved Lambily got mighty worried over reports that the singer had dislocated her shoulder on the set of the remix video for "#Beautiful," but they needn't freak out — she's doing just fine. Fine enough to tweet pictures of herself, anyway.On Tuesday, Carey updated her fans with a picture of herself giving semi-sadface from a hospital bed with the caption, "dislocated my shoulder on the remix video with Jeezy, sporting a very fashionable sling for the next couple of...Read Full Story

WATCH: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Mariah Perform for 4th of July TV Special

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The "Macy's 4th of July Spectacular" on NBC had plenty of fireworks this year — and performances by some of the hottest stars around. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran sang their sweet song from Dallas, Selena Gomez took the stage in NYC, while Mariah Carey made us all weepy from Liberty State Park in New Jersey.Check out the performances from the Independence Day celebration below:Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran — "Everything Has Changed"Selena Gomez — "Come and Get It"Mariah Carey — "Hero"Bonus...Read Full Story

Mariah Carey Strips Down to Her Bikini for the '#Beautiful (#Hermosa)' Music Video

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In addition to raising twins and throwing elaborate anniversary parties, Mariah Carey has been working overtime on her fitness — and naturally, she's game to show off the rewards. In the just-released music video for her "Spanglish" version of "#Beautiful," Mariah cavorts around the Italian seaside with her beloved duet partner Miguel wearing a variety of swimsuits. It's sexy enough that we'll forgive some of the song's more awkward moments, like when you can hear Mariah tooting her own horn...Read Full Story

Mariah Carey's Lambily Helps Her Grab the 23rd Spot in Zimbio's Look at the 50 Most Influential Celebs Online

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(From Instagram)If you logged into Twitter during any episode of American Idol last season, it was hard to dig around too much without running into one of Mariah Carey's faithful #Lambily (like family except with a lamb in case you're slow on the uptake). Those fans helped lift Mariah to the 23rd spot in Zimbio's first ever look at The 50 Most Influential Celebrities Online.Mariah carries a big score of 92 with online influence calculator Klout, and she also has more than 11 million fans each...Read Full Story

Mariah Carey's BET Performance of '#Beautiful' Was So Perfect, People Are Suspicious

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If you caught Sunday evening's BET Awards, then you likely have something to say about Mariah Carey's performance of "#Beautiful" alongside Miguel and Young Jeezy. Our Lady of Hello Kitty had one of the evening's more polarizing performances without even trying to be controversial.Carey's vocals were startlingly perfect throughout the song, in stark contrast to the way she sounded on an appearance on Good Morning America a few weeks ago. While the vocals were certainly different from those on...Read Full Story

LISTEN: Mariah Carey and Miguel Mix Up '#Beautiful' with A$AP Rocky

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We'll admit, it's hard to really count this as a full-on "remix" when the only tune-up to the song is a brand spanking new intro. But, Mariah Carey and Miguel have decided to take their old school summer anthem "#Beautiful" to the hip hop level with A$AP Rocky, who kicks off the song with a quick rap about champagne, mink, and lingerie. But, whether you love the remix or are a bit underwhelmed, fear not. MiMi promised her Instagram followers that four more "#Beautiful" remixes will be...Read Full Story

Mariah Carey Delays Her New Album's Release

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Mariah Carey's upcoming album The Art of Letting Go won't be in stores late next month, despite earlier reports of a July 23 release date. On Monday evening, the pop songstress took to Twitter to explain that she needed more time for her masterpiece. Letting go: Mariah totally hasn't mastered it yet."While making this album, I got so immersed in the creative process that I just don't feel I would be doing it justice to release it on 7/23," Mariah wrote. She then added, "I'd rather not exclude...Read Full Story