Five Helpful Hints for Marilyn Manson As He Turns 40

Singer Marilyn Manson Turns 40
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Born: January 5, 1969
Real Name: 
Brian Hugh Warner
Canton, Ohio

Shock rockers grow up so quickly. Marilyn Manson, 15 years ago the terror of suburban parents everywhere, broke the big four-oh mark today. In honor of the goth superstar, some of our favorite Marilyn Manson photos, and some helpful hints for those, like Manson, who are now entering the second half of their lives.

Singer Marilyn Manson Turns 40
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1. Get a Health Checkup

Forty may be the new thirty, but for many people, slowing metabolism plus aging joints means that middle-aged bloat can begin. Worse, the likelihood of serious medical conditions will only get higher as the years progress. Marilyn Manson should schedule some time with his general practitioner, including a time to talk realistically about his health goals and danger signs.

Singer Marilyn Manson Turns 40
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Many young men ignore their health, living with a false sense of invulnerability. But as you turn 40, it can be a great time to rededicate yourself to healthy living. Manson should make sure to keep tabs on his blood pressure and cholesterol, watch his weight, and give up unhealthy habits, such as smoking or his well-known predilection for absinthe. In addition, it's time to take his prostate health seriously. Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the United States for men over 40, so regular prostate screenings should begin now.

Singer Marilyn Manson Turns 40
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3. Be Realistic About Your Looks

This is difficult for everyone, but especially for someone who, like Manson, makes a living from their public image. The simple fact is, nobody is going look at 40 they way they looked at 20. Make sure to begin to dress age appropriately. For Manson, this may mean it's time to keep the corset in the closet in favor of a more-forgiving vintage black tunic top. For everyone, it's a good time to go through your wardrobe and decide what still fits you -- both your body and your lifestyle. Anything that doesn't should be donated to a local charity such as Goodwill.

Singer Marilyn Manson Turns 40
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If you've never been into athletics, consider joining a sports league. If you have been, it may be time to look at more low-impact events. Quite simply, bounding up and down the basketball court may be unwise as you enter your fourth decade. Manson should consider taking up activities like tennis, biking, or long-distance running to keep his metabolism high but his knee joints intact.

Singer Marilyn Manson Turns 40
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5. Give Back to Your Community

It could something as involved as coaching a Little League team or as simple as helping clean up a local park, but when you do community service you not only help the community, but you help yourself. You'll enrich your own life, expand your social circle, and get the sense of satisfaction that comes from helping others. For example, Manson has become involved with Project Nightlight , a non-profit organization dedicated to "empowering teens to overcome abuse."
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