Here's Matthew McConaughey in Costume for 'The Dark Tower'

And he may be filming a scene that's key to the whole series.

Here's Matthew McConaughey in Costume for 'The Dark Tower'

Matthew McConaughey was spotted in New York filming scenes for the first movie in the upcoming Dark Tower series on Thursday, and he was in costume as the Man in Black! McConaughey will be starring as the movie's main villain, who is pursued by the Gunslinger, a sort of cross-dimensional pursuer of justice who will be played by Idris Elba.

Elba was also spotted at the filming location, but didn't appear to be in costume. McConaughey was photographed walking down the sidewalk, and he may have been filming a scene that's key to the whole Dark Tower series.


Dark Tower fans may already suspect McConaughey is in New York looking around at the traffic like he is because he's filming the scene where Jake dies his first death — the one where he's run over in traffic. We obviously can't say for sure this is the case, but it's the only major event in the first book set in New York. Obviously they could be filming something from one of the future books because we have no idea how they're compressing the timeline yet.

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