Matthew Morrison Gay Rumor Dismissed, Morrison Says 'I'm Not Gay'

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Glee star Matthew Morrison spoke to the folks at Elle Magazine about his sexuality.  Despite rumors to the contrary, Morrison explained, "I'm not gay." Matthew Morrison is one of the main characters on the popular TV show Glee.  On the show, he plays a Glee Club coach and is often seen singing and dancing to show tunes.Elle had some fun with their interview.  Here is an excerpt. ELLE: So, Matt, you’re a musical theater star who’s been interviewed by The Advocate and much discussed on...Read Full Story

Is 'Glee' Ruining Matthew Morrison's Love Life?

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Matthew Morrison's love life has become very complicated since Glee brought him a level of fame brand new to him. While he's been linked to Hollywood beauties like Kelly Brook and Olivia Munn, in a new interview with Britain's Daily Mirror, Morrison reveals that mostly dating has been a bummer. And when he does get attention? Well, Glee fans can be a little overzealous.“I don’t get as much female attention as you’d think because I never go out. Maybe I’m unapproachable. Although one girl...Read Full Story

New Couple Alert: Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn!

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Getty ImagesMatthew Morrison and actress Olivia Munn were caught kissing at a hockey game in New York on Saturday, and onlookers at Madison Square Garden say they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. One said: “They were holding hands and being quite affectionate and Olivia playfully grabbed Matthew’s chin before going in for a kiss.“Matthew was also caressing Olivia's knee and they gave each other a high five after the game.”Last year, Glee star Matthew was linked to model and...Read Full Story

Matthew Morrison Credits Reality TV for Success of 'Glee'

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Matthew Morrison plays teacher Will Schuester in the hit series Glee, but he doesn't think the show would have been such a success if it weren't for X Factor and American Idol. He said: "I don't think Glee would be around if X Factor and American Idol did not exist. It was inspired by those shows. I'm glad they exist, otherwise I wouldn't be here."I'd never have wanted to be on shows like those because I enjoyed my journey. The struggles made me the artist I am."Matthew admits he feels “bad...Read Full Story

Matthew Morrison Wears a Disguise in Public Now

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How does Matthew Morrison know he's made it big? He gets recognized so much now that he often wears disguises in public. The Glee star said although being spotted by fans was fun and exciting at first, now he's pretty sick of it. He said: "I have to wear a disguise now. Getting recognized was exciting for the first couple of weeks but now it's just a little too much at times. People always feel they know you, they think you are like the guy on the show."Though Glee has been a worldwide...Read Full Story

Matthew Morrison Planning a Solo World Tour

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Glee star Matthew Morrison won't be joining his co-stars for a series of European concert dates next year, but he is hoping to play shows across the globe in support of his debut solo album.He told TV show Extra: “I go right into rehearsals after Christmas.“This is the only time I have off, really, so that's why we're kinda getting it in now. When Glee goes on hiatus in April, I'm gonna start doing a big tour.”Earlier this year, Matthew’s Glee character, teacher Will Schuester, performed...Read Full Story

'Glee' Is Lookin' Good with 19 Emmy Nods

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Glee is taking the Emmy Awards by storm! The hit show just received 19 nominations for the annual awards show, coming in second in number of nods behind behind World War II miniseries The Pacific, which has the potential to win 24 statues. Both shows are up against some stiff competition, though. Glee goes head-to-head against Curb Your Enthusiasm, Modern Family, The Office, 30 Rock and Nurse Jackie in the Best Comedy Series category, giving it the opportunity to break 30 Rock’s three...Read Full Story

Chrishell Stause: Matthew Morrison 'Wasn't Ready to Commit'

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Chrishell Stause was engaged to Glee star Matthew Morrison but called off the wedding because she thought he had a wandering eye, according to Star magazine. Like his Glee character, Stause thought he was juggling lots of women during their relationship. Things ended between them when she decided she couldn't handle their relationship without feeling like he was totally in it. “I decided to break off our engagement,” she told the mag, “because I believed he was seeing other people and...Read Full Story

Matthew Morrison of 'Glee' Talks Golden Globe Nods

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Matthew Morrison plays Will Schuester in the hit series Glee, which was just nominated for 4 Golden Globes -- and the show's only been on the air for half a season! He seems like he's had quite a morning since hearing of the show's nominations, and didn't sleep too well last night in anticipation, either. He said in an interview today that he hasn't really even had time to celebrate. "It’s really just talking to friends and family and responding to emails. It’s just been a nonstop...Read Full Story