'Suits' Star Meghan Markle on Rachel's 'Roller Coaster' Relationship with Mike, Letting Loose

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Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane (USA)
Suits is back for the second half of its fantastic second season, and the USA legal drama is better than ever. 

We caught up with series star Meghan Markle, who plays paralegal Rachel Zane, to chat about what's coming up for her character in the rest of the season. Is there hope for Rachel and Mike after his betrayal? And what's going to happen when Rachel's lawyer father shows up later this season?

Read on to see what Markle had to say about the road ahead for Rachel, and get the scoop on who her dream Suits guest star.

How is Rachel feeling about Mike in this second half of the season? She's got to be feeling pretty betrayed after everything they've been through together.
The first half of Season 2 was so difficult for Rachel because she made herself vulnerable for Mike, and he basically put her through the ringer. These next six episodes I think we meet a stronger Rachel — she's not putting up with it anymore and she's focusing her energy on work and family, who we'll also meet soon. And isn't it ironic, the second you give a guy less attention, they come running. Mike Ross has quite a chase in store...

Is there any hope of Rachel ever trusting Mike again? Any hope for them as a couple in the future?
Independent of being on the show, I'm a huge fan of our show. With that said, I always root for Rachel and Mike. I'm a sucker for a good love story, so I hope he redeems himself with her and they can have a future. I'm all for a "happily ever after" though I'm pretty certain it will be a roller coaster to get there.
We get to meet Rachel's dad, played by Wendell Pierce, this season. Was that fun for you to dig more deeply into her family and her backstory?
I was so happy to dig into where Rachel comes from. As an actor it's incredibly validating that the writers trust me with this storyline, and also I think what we discover is that Rachel is just as flawed as anyone else. That's why I love her. It makes her relatable and much easier to understand.
How was it working with Wendell Pierce?
Amazing! He's a class act and was such a treat on set. I've been a fan of his work since The Wire so I felt so lucky to have him play my dad.
The show has focused a lot on Rachel's personal life lately. Are we going to see a return to exploring her professional life at Pearson Hardman? Do you have any hopes for her, professionally speaking?
Of course! I want Rachel to be a lawyer. I think she works incredibly hard and I appreciate her resilience. But more than anything, as I spend time working on this character, the more I see her as a friend. I root for her just as I would my friends, and I want the best for her. I believe she can be more than a paralegal so I can't wait to see what happens. Just like a viewer, I'm at the mercy of the scripts to see how it will all play out.
In the first episode back, Rachel hints that she's not the "goody goody" that everyone thinks she is. Are we going to get to see a bit of this not-so-nice side of her in the second half of the season?
I wouldn't say it's "not so nice" as much a I would say she's less prim than we knew her to be. People are generally so different outside of the office, and thats what we get to see. The idea of Rachel letting loose, or not always playing by the rules excites me. And I presume Mike Ross would like this side of her as well. Just a hunch.
What do you admire most about Rachel?
Her drive. Her class. Her kindness.
Suits has had some amazing guest stars over the course of two seasons. Who would be your dream guest star?
Bonnie Zane, our casting director, is the ultimate. Whoever she has up her sleeve for guest stars are actors we are thrilled to have. Selfishly I would be so tickled to have Maya Rudolph on our show. Maybe as Rachel's aunt — I love her and I love comedy, and let's be honest — could you imagine a funnier scene than one with Maya Rudolph & Rick Hoffman? I think not.

Suits airs Thursday nights at 10pm on the USA Network. You can follow Meghan Markle on Twitter at @meghanmarkle.

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