Love Is in the Air: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Spotted Holding Hands in Public for the First Time

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Queen Elizabeth II Is Reportedly 'Fully Supportive' of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Relationship

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Prince Harry Is Reportedly Dating 'Suits' Star Meghan Markle

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'Suits' Recap: You Can't Miss The Last 5 Minutes

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USAThings are really heating up at Pearson Darby Spector (the law firm formerly known as Pearson Darby). After last week’s cliffhanger when Harvey straight up admitted to Jessica that he was trying to screw her over and take over the firm, it was expected that tonight’s episode would get a little explosive but, man, it went above and beyond. But before we get to big shockers of the night, let’s focus on the smaller B-story, a surprisingly affecting storyline that paired up Louis and Rachel...Read Full Story

'Suits' Recap: In Which Donna Is Still The Best

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(USA)Any Suits episode that begins with a Donna scene is an episode that I know I'm going to love. You guys, Donna is the best, even when the Suits writers aren't exactly the best at giving her the most original and engaging storyline. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having more Donna on the show — she's lovely and quick-witted and Sarah Rafferty plays her with perfection — but I wish they would have given her a little something better than the ol' sleeping-with-her-colleague storyline. I...Read Full Story

'Suits' Season 3 Premiere: Photo Sneak Peek!

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(USA) Winter is coming to Suits. Well, not winter exactly, but rather two actors from HBO's hit fantasy drama Game of Thrones.Suits fans briefly met Conleth Hill (a.k.a. Lord Varys) during the Season 2 finale, and based on these sneak peek photos from the Season 3 premiere, it looks like his character Edward Darby will definitely be playing a larger role in the action to come.There will also be plenty of drama when Michelle Fairley (a.k.a. the recently departed Catelyn Stark) makes her...Read Full Story

'Suits' Star Meghan Markle on Rachel's 'Roller Coaster' Relationship with Mike, Letting Loose

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Suits is back for the second half of its fantastic second season, and the USA legal drama is better than ever.  We caught up with series star Meghan Markle, who plays paralegal Rachel Zane, to chat about what's coming up for her character in the rest of the season. Is there hope for Rachel and Mike after his betrayal? And what's going to happen when Rachel's lawyer father shows up later this season? Read on to see what Markle had to say about the road ahead for Rachel, and get the scoop on...Read Full Story