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Melania Trump Heavily Guarded Nation's Capital Hosts Presidential Inauguration
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Melania Trump Picture Melania Trump Picture Melania Trump Picture
Melania Trump Joe Biden Marks His Inauguration With Full Day Of Events
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Melania Trump Picture
Melania Trump Joe Biden's Inauguration As 46th President Of The U.S. Is Celebrated With Parade In Washington, D.C.
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Alec Baldwin Wants Melania Trump To Do 'SNL', But It's A Pass From Me

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Kristen Bell Pokes Fun at Melania Trump in 2018 SAG Awards Opener

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Gigi Hadid Says She Actually Altered Her AMAs Script To Be Less Harsh on Melania

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'I too have been the center of a nationally televised comedy skit that poked fun at my actions, and was able to find the humor in it,' Hadid said on Monday.Read Full Story

Did Melania Trump Just Pull Off the Most Successful Rickroll of All Time?

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Melania Trump's RNC Speech Spurs Hilarious Celeb Reactions on Twitter

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