DNA evidence links Amanda Knox to the Meredith Kercher murder investigation

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Police analyzed the knife used to kill Meredith Kercher for DNA evidence, and they found Amanda Knox's DNA on the handle of the murder weapon.Knox was Meredith's roommate at the time of her death. Tabloids and bloggers have been speculating that Amanda Knox is an obvious suspect in the murder trial. Ms Kercher was found semi-naked in her bedroom with her throat cut, on November 2. Italian police now believe that Amanda Knox held Ms Kercher down while Raffaele Sollecito and a second man...Read Full Story

Meredith Kercher's brother is upset with the media for releasing photos of his dead sister

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La Stampa report that Meredith's 28 year old brother said: "All I know is that when I saw they had published the photograph of my sister lying on the floor of her bedroom, I thought I was dreaming, I thought that this can’t be true. "It is intolerable, absolutely intolerable. Allow us the right to suffer in peace." Meredith's brother went on to explain that it is very difficult for his family to handle all of the press attention that this murder case is getting. "Not only because there...Read Full Story

Memorial for Meredith Kercher

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Meredith Kercher’s family laid a red rose on the steps of Perugia Cathedral. A note with the flower bore the inscription: “Love you forever, Meredith. All my love, Dad.” More than 100 students gathered in Leeds last night to remember Meredith Kercher during a vigil at the University of Leeds. Students walked together from the Parkinson steps to the Tetley Garden where Meredith Kercher’s photograph was lit by candles.Read Full Story