Michael Douglas Could Lose His Voice

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As Michael Douglas battles against throat cancer, there's a real possibility he could lose his voice. Doctors expect the Oscar-winning actor to make a full recovery from the illness, but have warned him he may never act again after undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment for the tumor.The 65-year-old star is expected to undergo therapy in New York and early reports suggest treatment is due to start this week with doctors pursuing an aggressive course of treatment to avoid conducting...Read Full Story

Michael Douglas 'Very Optimistic' About Recovery from Throat Tumor

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Michael Douglas was recently diagnosed with a tumor in his throat, and the actor will undergo eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. Still, doctors expect him to make a full recovery.The 65-year-old star said in a statement to People magazine: "I am very optimistic."A spokesperson for the actor would not confirm what type of cancer the star is suffering from, when it was discovered or when treatment is expected to begin.Michael is now said to be spending as much time as possible with his...Read Full Story

Michael Douglas Sued By Ex-Wife

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Michael Douglas’ ex-wife is taking him to court over royalties from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and it looks like things might get ugly. Diandra Luker got a $45 million payout from the couple’s divorce in 2000, but she now claims she is entitled to half of the earnings Michael makes from any spinoffs to his previous films. Michael Douglas and Diandra Luker ( The 65-year-old actor, who has been married to Chicago actress Catherine Zeta-Jones for 10 years, is said be furious...Read Full Story

37th Annual Chaplin Award Gala Honoring Michael Douglas - Arrivals

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You can call it a May-December romance, but you say they don't look charming together. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones attended the The Film Society of Lincoln Center's 37th Annual Chaplin Award gala at Alice Tully Hall, and really lit up the room.Zeta-Jones is transitioning nicely into a more mature fashion sense, while still retaining a hint of frivolity. Douglas, meanwhile, opts for slightly casual cut on the suit, but pairs it up with a lovely plum necktie.When you look this good...Read Full Story

Michael Douglas Wasn't Sure Shia LaBeouf Had the 'Chops' for 'Wall Street'

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Michael Douglas is reprising his role as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, so he was a little weary when he found out Shia LaBeouf would be taking over Charlie Sheen's role as Bud Fox from the original 1987 movie. Luckily, the 65-year-old was pleasantly surprised by his new co-star.  Speaking about Shia, Michael, who won the Best Actor Oscar the first time around, said: "We were not sure he had the chops. As you remember from the first, Charlie Sheen carried the movie...Read Full Story

Michael Douglas: Son's Jail Sentence Is Chance to Start Fresh

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Getty ImagesMichael Douglas appeared on the Today show this morning in the wake of his son Cameron's drug conviction, which saw him facing five years in prison. Michael, however, is taking a positive attitude about the ordeal, as he said, "The best part is that he'll be able to start his life fresh." Cameron was convicted for dealing large quantities of methamphetamines and and cocaine from a New York City hotel, according to He was arrested last July. In his appearance this...Read Full Story

Michael Douglas Campaigns for Son Before Court Sentencing

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Michael Douglas is giving one last shot at trying to convince a NY judge to go easy on his troubled son Cameron. The Oscar-winning actor wrote a heartfelt letter to Judge Richard Berman and asked that he give a lenient sentence to the 31-year-old. The judge ruled Cameron will spend 5 years behind bars, according to CBS. Michael, the son of Spartacus actor Kirk Douglas, wrote: "I have some idea of the pressure of finding your own identity with a famous father. I'm not sure I can comprehend...Read Full Story

Michael Douglas Talks Being an Older Dad and Playing the Stock Market

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Bauer GriffinMichael Douglas has a daughter and a son who are both under 10, so it can be hard to relate to his peers with empty nests.  He told Esquire magazine: "I'm probably more comfortable with myself now, probably not leading with my libido quite as strongly, which comes with age and happiness. I've probably calmed down. It's interesting when you have kids at my age because you're kind of betwixt and between."He added, "Some of your friends, the only kids they've got are grandchildren...Read Full Story

Shia LaBeouf: Michael Douglas in Crisis Over Son's Trial

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Shia LaBeouf stars with Michael Douglas in the upcoming movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and he said the actor is going through a personal "crisis" because of his son's pending drug trial.He told German website "I met a broken man, not Michael Douglas the celebrity. This man suffers; he's going through a crisis. He fears for his son. Cameron is facing a prison sentence because of his drug dealing. When I worked with Michael, he would visit his son in prison before he arrived at...Read Full Story

Michael Douglas On Making Marriage Work

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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are 25 years apart, and they don't really care about the gap -- but when they first got married it was the talk of Tinseltown. The Fatal Attraction star wed the actress in 2000 but admits they were both hurt by the criticism they received because of their age difference. He said: “It was thrown up at you constantly. I felt bad for her.” Following their wedding, the couple, who have two children, Dylan, nine, and six-year-old Carys, moved to Bermuda...Read Full Story