Watch Justin Timberlake Work His Best Michael Jackson Moves in the 'Love Never Felt So Good' Video

(VEVO)Justin Timberlake owes quite a bit to Michael Jackson, professionally. Were it not for MJ, Timberlake might never have become a pop star in the first place — which is why it's such a pleasure to see Timberlake paying homage to the late King of Pop in the new music video for "Love Never Felt So Good," a track off of Jackson's new posthumous album Xscape.

The "Love Never Felt So Good" video was clearly created with the intention of provoking warm, fuzzy feelings, as it features a number of Jackson fans (Timberlake included) offering their best Jackson-inspired dance moves. Also of note: Justin has a new haircut. He kind of looks like a slicker Macklemore these days.

Think Janet has forgiven him for throwing her under the bus all those years ago?

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