Dystopic 'Young Ones' Presents a Future Without Water

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Gwyneth's little bro, Jake Paltrow, does a lot right and one thing wrong in his new thriller.Read Full Story

6 Trailers That Debuted This Week You Need to See

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If Katie Holmes as a schoolteacher vigilante or Shailene Woodley as a horny teenager doesn't pique your interest, what will? Read Full Story

13 Things We Learned from the Epic 'Man of Steel' Blu-ray Commentary

By JJ Duncan on
(From Warner Bros.)The Man of Steel Blu-ray is out, and if there's one good reason to run out and buy it, it's definitely the commentary. With a three-hour split-screen version of the movie that goes beyond the traditional commentary track, Zack Snyder, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, and loads more people who worked on the movie break down exactly how they pulled it all off. Here are some of the coolest things we found out. 1. The Kryptonian Language Was Painstakingly Fleshed OutOur doorway into...Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - Do You Believe? 'Man of Steel' Turns Superman Into Jesus

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(Warner Brothers) The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? Although he lacks the same vulnerability, Man of Steel does for Superman what Batman Begins did for the Dark Knight. Man of Steel is so explosively loud and full of light speed action sequences, it might be the film that allows the blind to see and the deaf to hear again. It's apt then that Superman, reborn in 2013 by director Zack Snyder and co-writers Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer, is presented as a Christ-like...Read Full Story

Watch Superman & General Zod Battle It Out in Latest 'Man of Steel' Trailer

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The early trailers for Zack Snyder's Superman reboot were heavy on dark Christopher Nolan-like melodrama: Clark Kent trying to decide what kind of guy he wants to be — uper or ordinary — and growing a contemplation beard during an arctic vision-quest designed to find his place in the world. But the newest preview is all about explosions, destruction, and the asskicking General Zod (Michael Shannon) and Superman (Henry Cavill) treat each other to both on land and in the air. Translation: Man...Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - A Poignant, Powerful American Thriller Named 'Mud'

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(Lionsgate) The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? Mud is an original story masterfully realized both by cast and crew with a stellar performance by McConaughey. With Mud, writer/director Jeff Nichols has cemented his place as one of the best young filmmakers and storytellers in America. His shooting style is simple and direct, employing tension-building techniques informed by the script itself. Imagine that. Nichols' muse is the south and he returns to it again here. Like all his...Read Full Story

Trailer Watch: 'The Iceman' — Michael Shannon Moonlights as a Hitman with Sweet Facial Hair

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(Photo: Millennium Films)The words "Michael Shannon" and "as a hitman" in the same sentence should be enough to get any movie fan chomping at the bit for The Iceman. But, if you need a little more to pique your curiosity, the trailer offers just that. The Iceman is the dramatic retelling of Richard Kuklinski's real-life tale as a contract killer for the DeCavalcante crime family spanning across three decades before he was arrested in 1986. With Shannon as the lead, The Iceman focuses on the...Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - 'Premium Rush,' Throwback Action Filmmaking

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(L-R) Actors Dania Ramirez, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Chung attend the "Premium Rush" New York premiere at Regal Union Square on August 22, 2012 in New York City. (Getty Images)more pics » The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? A throwback to when action movies weren't all life and death, save the world-type flicks. Premium Rush is fast, harmless fun. As in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes films, action sequences play out like those old Choose Your Own Adventure books. The bike...Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - 'Take Shelter'

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The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? A mesmerizing look at the depths and origins of madness puncuated by an amazing performance by Michael Shannon. If you don't know the name Jeff Nichols by now, you will soon. The writer/director of 2007's marvelous Shotgun Stories is back with his second feature, Take Shelter. What makes Nichols work so special? Aside from his fearless willingness to probe the darkness that resides in all of us, Nichols has an exceptional talent for crafting an...Read Full Story