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Michael Vick Fanatics Super Bowl Party - Inside
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Michael Vick 2020 Off the Field Player's Wives Fashion Show
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Michael Vick New England Patriots vsĀ Houston Texans
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Michael Vick $100 Million Contract - By the Numbers

By Adam Wenger on
Michael Vick has a 100 million reasons to smile. The Eagles quarterback is back on top of the football world after signing a six-year $100 million contract with the team on Monday. The huge contract -- with its $40 million guaranteed -- makes Vick one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. Does No. 7's stint in federal prison seem like a distant memory? We can't look inside the guy's head, but we can look at the numbers.2009: The year Vick joined the Eagles. At the time, he played third...Read Full Story

Michael Vick, Alicia Silverstone Unite in Disapproval of 'Dog Wars' Android App

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty) Alicia Silverstone (Getty) Animal rights groups are not happy about Dog Wars, a new Android app that allows players to raise and train virtual dogs to become brutal fighting machines. Now, some celebs have joined the crusade against the Kage Games application, among them vocal animal rights supporter (and staunch vegan) Alicia Silverstone and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.Silverstone wrote a letter to Google CEO Larry Pope and the game's makers, pleading, "As a mom-to...Read Full Story

Michael Vick Birthday Party Results in Shooting

By Deena Bustillo on
Michael Vick's birthday party ended with a bang this morning -- and not the good, figurative kind. A man was shot outside of a Virgina Beach club that was hosting the birthday party of the NFL star, and he was later identified as Quanis Phillips, a co-defendent in the Michael Vick dogfighting case, according to USA Today. Phillips is reportedly in good condition at a Virginia Beach hospital, after initially refusing medical treatment for the injury. It is not clear if Vick was actually...Read Full Story

Michael Vick Has a New Reality Show

By Olivia on
Television producers understand the kind of men whose personal lives we'd like to peek into - think Hulk Hogan and Snoop Dogg -- and they've nailed it with their latest pick, Michael Vick. The new Philadelphia Eagles player and former dogfight ringmaster has signed up for a new BET reality show, tentatively called The Michael Vick Project. According to the LA Times, the show will see quarterback fresh out of his 18-month stay in prison, joining up with the Eagles and coming to terms with...Read Full Story

Michael Vick Gets Standing Ovation in Philadelphia

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images) Newly acquired quarterback and convicted dog killer Michael Vick received a standing ovation from the fans in Phillie today as he took the field for the first time since his arrest in July, 2007. Vick took the field on the 2nd play from scrimmage, and if he was booed, it was drowned out by the many fans who cheered his return, according to philly.com. The stadium, it might be worth noting, was less than half-full.Michael Vick played a handful of scattered plays in the QB...Read Full Story