The Best Twitter Reactions to the 'Game of Thrones' Daario Naharis Switcheroo

(Photo: HBO | Ed Skrein, old Dario, left; Michiel Huisman, new Daario, right) If you saw the season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones and thought to yourself, "Hey, who's that guy giving my girl Khaleesi flowers — I've never seen him before," you were half right. The flower flirting dude is Daario Naharis, the soldier of fortune who last season slaughtered a bunch of people for the Mother of Dragons and was rewarded in the form of bath time with Dany. This season: same character, different actor. They pulled a classic Hollywood switcheroo.

Gone is Ed Skrein, the actor with Fabio hair and a jawline that could cut glass — he left to replace Jason Statham in a Transporter reboot (another switcheroo). Moving forward Daario will be played by Michiel Huisman, the bearded guy with equally great hair you saw in the premiere and whom you may recognize from stints in Treme and Nashville.

From the side by side comparison above, it's clear HBO didn't really care about casting a replacement with even the slightest resemblance to the original, so people were understandably confused. And perhaps less understandably, some were outraged. Here's how Twitter felt about the Daario bait and switch.
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