Mike Duvall Claims Graphic Sex Story Was All Just Talk

By JJ Duncan on
In the latest bizarre twist in the story of Mike Duvall's scandalous open-mic storytelling, the former Assemblyman says that while he was caught telling stories, that's all they were -- stories. In a statement on his website, Duvall claims that despite telling graphic stories of 2 women he slept with, he has not carried on any affairs. Duvall says he's guilty only of "inappropriate story-telling." Here's the full statement."I want to make it clear that my decision to resign is in no way...Read Full Story

Mike Duvall Decribes Affair With Lobbyist Heidi DeJong Barsuglia over Open Mic

By Jake on
Michael D. Duvall has become the latest example of how not to conduct yourself in politics. If you're a married politician literally in bed with a lobbyist working one of your committees, you probably shouldn't brag about the affair in the first place. Not only can it wreck your marriage, it can wreck your career.But if you are going to brag about it, don't brag about it on an open microphone to a fellow committee member. Duvall made that potentially career-ending mistake in July, and word is...Read Full Story