Comic-Con Report: 5 Things We Learned from the 'Divergent' Press Conference

Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller of Divergent. (Getty Images)Divergent just finished filming the other day, and it has all the elements of a major movie franchise in the making: a wildly popular YA book series, a futuristic drama about a girl's traumatic path to self-actualization, a civilization in crisis, and two very charismatic young stars. Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller weren't the entire show at the two press conferences held for Divergent at Comic-Con on Thursday, but they were clearly the stars. And they provided just a few of the best tidbits we picked up while we were there. [Some Spoilers Ahead]

1. Shailene Woodley Will Get Poetic On You

The best thing going for this budding franchise may be Shailene Woodley's mouth. She's a quote machine! Here's what she had to say about her favorite day of filming, which involved a treachorous climb up a ferris wheel.

"My favorite day [of filming] was the ferris wheel. Well, there were a lot of good days man, but the ferris wheel day was something special. It was a night shoot, and we climbed this ferris wheel in the middle of the night, and it was also the full moon, and the first supermoon of the year, which I'm such a geek over. It was so beautiful! We got to watch the moon come up. It was just a magical moment in life, and how often do you get to climb a ferris wheel? It was definitely one of my favorite moments of life."

2. Miles Teller Is a Ham

The Divergent press conference was presented in two halves, probably so that Miles Teller wouldn't dominate Shailene Woodley. Miles was the star of the first half, jumping in whenever he could and, among other things, explaining he only trains "to look good." He also teased some of the actors when asked about being excited for the possibility of sequels. He quipped: "Not everyone on this panel lives, so that's a loaded question. I'm excited!"

[AND THIS IS WHERE IT GETS SPOILERY] Apparently this joke extended on set, where Miles played a practical joke on co-star Ben Lloyd-Hughes, whose character, Will, gets killed off. Here's how he tells it.

"Veronica came on set one day, and we all met her for the first time," he said. "And Ben Lloyd-Hughes goes back to his trailer at the end of the day and there's a balloon and a card in there. And it says, 'Dearest Ben, it was so nice meeting you, you're such a lovely young man. I would like to get a drink and talk further about your character. Love, Veronica." And a phone number.

"Well the phone number was my buddy's phone number, and Ben thought his character was coming back to life, and I felt really bad because he was so like, 'Hey Veronica and I really hit it off, I think Will [his character] is going to have a spin-off.'"

That's where Miles said he shut it down because he "felt bad," though it's worth noting Zoe Kravitz says it was really because she felt bad. So... shenanigans.

3. Now We're Even More Excited for The Spectacular Now

Miles and Shailene star as romantic leads in the upcoming teen rom-com The Spectacular Now. You can tell from the trailer they have a chemistry that makes them seem infinitely charming onscreen. Learning that they got to extend that relationship into Divergent in a way makes both movies seem somehow more exciting.

"Really this movie's just a continuation of [The Spectacular Now]," Miles joked. "Shailene's a great actress, and for your love interests, there's only a certain amount of actresses maybe that you get a chance to work with, and I'm lucky that it's been Shailene for two of these movies. I think that she's one of the most talented actresses around, and it's easy. I mean she's very pretty, and we're comfortable with each other. She's great, and I'm lucky."

4. Maggie Q Is Excited Not to Be Punching People

Maggie Q is known best for playing tough chicks like in Nikita, but she says she was excited to learn she wouldn't be doing much kicking and punching in Divergent. She just needed to look the part.

"You know, I don't do any action in this film," she said. "I think it's a nice departure. I didn't want to get involved with something that was action heavy because I'm doing action all the time. Not that I don't love it. It's just that it's a box, you know? I'm climbing out of it, but it's a little deep."

5. Mekhi Phifer's Son Is Stoked

Mekhi Phifer has saved countless lives on ER, and helped Eminem overcome stagefright in 8 Mile, but apparently none of that has impressed his son, who now has a reason to get excited about his dad's career.

"I have a 14-year-old son who has never been excited about anything I've ever done in the past except bring home a check so he can go to Disneyland. But he's really a fan of the book Divergent, so he's really excited about that. That was one of the many things that helped motivate me to really be excited about it."

We're excited, too.
  • Shailene Woodley in "Ender&squot;s Game" Cast Autograph Signing
  • Shailene Woodley in "Ender&squot;s Game" Cast Autograph Signing
  • Shailene Woodley in "Ender&squot;s Game" Cast Autograph Signing
  • Shailene Woodley in "Ender&squot;s Game" Cast Autograph Signing
  • Shailene Woodley in "Ender&squot;s Game" Cast Autograph Signing
  • Shailene Woodley in "Ender&squot;s Game" Cast Autograph Signing
  • Shailene Woodley in "Ender&squot;s Game" Cast Autograph Signing
  • Shailene Woodley in "Ender&squot;s Game" Cast Autograph Signing
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