Millie Corretjer -- Wife convinces Oscar de la Hoya to give it up

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Oscar de la Hoya says that wife Millie Corretjer was a major figure in his decision to retire from the world of boxing.The two have been married since 2001, and she urged de la Hoya to end his days in the ring while his mind and body were still intact. Good advice, considering how badly de la Hoya was beaten by Manny Pacquiao four months ago.From an AP report: Unlike many fighters, De La Hoya walks away with his mind and his face intact. But he wavered often in making a final decision, and...Read Full Story

Millie Corretjer quote about the Oscar de la Hoya fight

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"My husband was a Lion in the ring and he was chasing a chicken with no head, Floyd Mayweather was just running around, He should be a dancer instead of a boxer and a real champion like my husband and all the people, even Mayweather fans, know that Oscar won this fight with no exuses! Wether they like it or not a real champion doesn't need a belt to prove who is the better man and Oscar was that man tonight because Floyd Mayweather said he was going to knock-out my husband but he hardly even...Read Full Story