Mindy Lawton Talks to 'Vanity Fair'

Mindy Lawton had a chat with Vanity Fair recently, when she divulged even more details about her scandalous affair with Tiger Woods. The restaurant manager said that people on the inside of Tiger's team knew about his transgressions.

Lawton's suggestive photo in Vanity Fair (Vanityfair.com)
When the National Enquirer started following her and threatening to expose her relationship with Tiger, Mindy called Woods, who put her in contact with his agent, Mark Steinberg of IMG Worldwide. She told Steinberg (who declined to comment) her whole saga, and he replied, "We’ll take care of it."

Mindy said, "That’s when their brush-under-the-rug, the cover-up, happened." The National Enquirer allegedly cut a deal with Team Tiger that the golf pro would give their sister publication Men's Fitness an exclusive interview if they didn't run the story. The Enquirer, however, denies this.

Another of Lawton's revelations? Tiger, despite his infinite wealth, was cheap! She said the only thing he ever bought her was a Subway wrap.

Mindy posed for the May issue of Vanity Fair in a suggestive shoot, showing her wearing a low-cut blouse and suggestively holding a cherry between her lips.

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