Minnie Driver on Design Panel (Pictures)

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Minnie Driver took some time off of her typically under the radar lifestyle to pose for pictures at a Pacific Design Center panel discussion. The actress attended the event which honored British designers -- which was close to home for the British star. One fashion statement some don't know about? Minnie has a rose tattoo on her upper right thigh, which she recently showed off while splashing around in the ocean with son Henry. As the little boy goes on three years old, she's still stayed...Read Full Story

Minnie Driver Would Like to Have Another Baby

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Minnie Driver would “like to” have another baby.The 40-year-old actress -- who has 23-month-old son Henry with a former boyfriend whose identity she refuses to disclose -- is determined to be around for as much of her child’s youth as possible and treasures their time together because she may never have a sibling for the tot.She said: “I'd like to have another baby but I might not, so if that was it, I want to be there for every second of it. He's everything and I'm not going to miss any of...Read Full Story

Minnie Driver Wants More Babies

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Minnie Driver only has a son, but she wants to add a bunch more kids to her family. The 40-year-old actress said she grew up wanting a lot of kids, but so far she just has her son Henry, who's 18-months-old. She said: "Growing up, I thought I'd have at least five kids. I'm surprised I have only one; I really want more." The British star never intended to wait so long before having children, but insists she has no regrets about how her life has turned out. She added to the Times Online...Read Full Story

Minnie Driver: Being a Single Mom Means No Time for Walks or Beer

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Photo AgencyMinnie Driver is learning how tough it is to be mom, all on her own. The single mother/actress/ singer, who won't name her son's father, is amazed at how much her life has changed since she gave birth to 13-month-old Henry. She said: “If he’s sleeping I’m trying to sleep and when you’re breast feeding you’re the milk machine. There’s no time to pick up the guitar, much less go for a walk or have a beer. The first year of Henry’s life has been just an insane earthquake for me...Read Full Story

Minnie Driver Says Her Baby Son Is Going To Be A Ladies' Man

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Photo AgencyMinnie Driver’s son Henry is only 13-months-old, but she says he's already got a way with the ladies. The 39-year-old actress claims he is a total ham, and draws admirers wherever he goes. She said: “He blows kisses at ladies in the supermarket. He’s a big flirt! Big blue eyes, white-blond head of hair, he’s very handsome.” Minnie, who has not revealed the identity of Henry’s father, is amazed by how quickly her son is growing up. She explained to In Touch Weekly magazine: “He...Read Full Story