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Sweet Deal - Star Pics: March 07, 2010
Star Pics: March 07, 2010
Minnie Driver was at Madeo restaurant last night, and scored some Chanel swag. Sweet! Show All (15)  more »
Minnie Driver - The Most Musical Actors
The Most Musical Actors
Before she was famous, Minnie Driver was a member of the British band Puff, Rocks and Brown. The actress returned to... more »
Two for Three - Celebrities in Halloween Costumes
Celebrities in Halloween Costumes
Minnie Driver has the facepaint (and lipstick!) we always wanted as little kids. Her sparkly wings are pretty neat... more »
Lovely Lady Lumps - Celebrity Baby Bumps
Celebrity Baby Bumps
Minnie Driver flaunts all of her curves while rocking a mini-dress and heels on the red carpet. She had her son... more »
Minnie Driver - Hollywood Cars
Hollywood Cars
Minnie Driver drives a convertible Audi. more »
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