Hey Mama: The Best Songs About Moms

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty Images) Sometimes you just need a stilted rap from Mr. T to express your feelings for one of the most important people in your world: Your mom. This mother's day, celebrate her with a diverse assortment of songs inspired by matriarchs, from the touching ("Hey Mama") to the mildly terrible ("Treat Your Mother Right"). It doesn't matter which song you play your mom come Sunday — all these songs are about an enduring love, in the end.1. "Treat Your Mother Right," Mr. TThis track off of Mr...Read Full Story

Mr. T Night Elf Mohawk and Mohawk Grenade Are All in 'World of Warcraft'

By Jake on
If you're a big fan of Mr. T and World of Warcraft, remove you shoelaces now because you are about to have have you socks blown off. Both the "night elf mohawk" and "mohawk grenade" are now in World of Warcraft. The NPCs selling Night Elf Mohawks can be found outside every starting zone, handing out Mohawk Grenades. They have five charges each, so better use them carefully! When thrown, they give characters a Night Elf Mohawk mask. Whoa!Mr. T even filmed a commerical for it, which you can...Read Full Story

A-Team Movie in the Works?

By Alicia Dennis on
Director Ridley Scott, the famous director of Alien and G.I. Jane, has reportedly signed on to produce a film version of the long-cancelled TV show The A Team.The film, which was originally to be directed by John Singleton (he has since left the project), will supposedly be a far more somber affair than the hokey TV show, which told the story of four Vietnam veterans who escape from prison to fight crime. Director Joe Carnahan is currently in negotiations to direct.No word on who will be cast...Read Full Story